About Us

Hello, I am Karl Turner. Fishing is my ultimate passion and I have been fishing since I could hold a fishing rod. Growing up in Michigan in the Great Lakes region, I had plenty of opportunities to hone my skills in amazing fishing spots of the state. My love for fishing has followed me through my teenage years and continues till the present day.

Fishing for me is not just a hobby or a recreational activity but a complete lifestyle. My dad and I went fishing every weekend where we took on salmon and bass. Casting out a line, and reeling in fish is all I have done since I was a small child. While I dabbled into the world of finance straight out of college, I soon realized that fishing is my true calling and it brought me back to the waters.

Now I work as a researcher and a full-time fishing enthusiast. I have also done extensive research on underwater ecosystems, and how they affect the behavior of fish. I am working on publishing my findings that will help anglers to find new fishing patterns so that they can fish more efficiently.

Also, I am an avid traveler and have studied the best fishing spots in the world.

This site is a labor of love where I share my knowledge of fishing gear, along with many tips for fishing. Many of my peers helped me grow as an angler and this is my small way of giving back to the ever-increasing community of fishing enthusiasts. Happy fishing!

I would love to hear your suggestion.