Best Fishing And Boating Gifts for Dad

Best Boating Gifts for Dads

Getting fishing and boating gifts for dad can be a tricky affair. Sure, you can get him a rod, a rod holder, or tools – but if you’re not well-versed in fishing, you might end up giving him a gift he can’t or won’t use. For these times, gift cards are usually the answer. But …

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3 Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

Even the most rugged angler knows that the key to a good trolling day is great equipment. And one of the pieces of equipment that’s often overlooked is the trolling motor battery. Without the best kayak trolling battery available hooked up to your motor, your day of relaxation and fun can quickly turn sour as …

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5 Best Wading Pants for Fishing

Best Wading Pants

Fishing isn’t just about throwing a line or a net into the water and waiting for fish to bite. For some fish, you’ll need an entirely new technique, namely getting into the water to execute tricky casts in what’s known as fly fishing. And if you’re going to wade in the water, you’d better have …

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Best Bowfishing Lights for Night Hunting

Best Bowfishing Lights

Bowfishing is a unique sport that requires specific equipment. In addition to a bow and arrow, you’ll need powerful bowfishing lights to illuminate your target. Bowfishing lights can be mounted on your boat and used to illuminate the water, making it easier to spot fish. In addition, they can also be used to attract fish, …

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Fishing Near Me – Interactive Map of the Best Spots to Fish and Boat

Fishing Near Me - Best Spots for Fishing and Boating 2

If you’re still new to fishing, you’d often find yourself asking “where’s the best place to go fishing near me?” For the longest time, anglers have relied on traditional fishing maps and stock knowledge to plan fishing trips. However, as the progression of technology goes forward through time, our generation of anglers has more tools …

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