Best Baitcaster Combo Under $100

There are a variety of baitcaster combo options available out there to everyone from novice to avid angler. Whether it is a rod or the reel, the construction, material, design there are hundreds of things you need to consider. That’s why choosing the best baitcasting combo can be a quite tricky even if you’re experienced angler.

A baitcaster combo is the combination of a fishing rod and reel which come pre-assembled together. These can be great for a novice who might not know very well to best match up a rod and reel. So, when it comes to combo you don’t have to worry about the compatibility between rod and reel. Therefore, for the great fishing experience, you should buy the best baitcaster combo.

Likewise, when the rod and reel are well-packaged together, they often come at a very reasonable price. Therefore, if you are on tight budget and want to get quality fishing equipment then go for a combo set.

In this post, we’re going to look at some best baitcaster combos under 100 and hope you can find your perfect match.

Top 10 Baitcaster Combo Under 100 Dollar in 2019

Baitcaster Combo Under 100ImageGare RatioPrice
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast ComboShakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo6:4:1 Check Price
Lews Fishing Laser MG Speed SpoolLews Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Series ReelLews Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Series Reel7:1:1 Check Price
Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast ComboUgly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo review6:2:1 Check Price
Lew's American Hero Baitcasting ComboLew's American Hero Baitcasting Combo review6:4:1 Check Price
Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing ComboAbu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing Combo review6:4:1 Check Price
Abu Garcia Silver Max ComboAbu Garcia Silver Max Combo review6:4:1 Check Price
Berkley Big Game Baitcast ComboBerkley Big Game Baitcast Combo review5:1:1 Check Price
Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting ComboSougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combo review7:0:1 Check Price
KastKing Cadet Casting CombosKastKing Cadet Casting Combos review6:3:1 Check Price
Zebco Baitcast ComboZebco Baitcast Combo review6:1:1 Check Price


1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Stik Elite series by unique Shakespeare is one of the best baitcasting combos under 100 out there in the market. This combo comes with one of the lightest GX2 rods with great strength and toughness. The cork handles on the rod gives you exceptional grip and comfort while coming with an entirely durable and reliable Ugly Tuff guides.

The rod is mostly made with from graphite which is lightweight. Thus, it will help you to travel anywhere with more comfort and you’ll get strain-free experience. The Ugly Stik Clear Tip is another great feature of this fantastic rod. It will ensure a stronger performance you’ll not miss any fish.

Furthermore, the baitcaster combo has a low profile reel. The frame of the reel is graphite which makes it lightweight. The combo is well equipped with an adjustable magnetic cast system which makes your casting perfect. The three ball bearings and 6:4:1 gear ratio make this baitcasting combo for any kind of fishing endeavor. Undoubtedly, the baitcaster combo will give you a smooth fishing experience.


  • Suitable for long fishing days
  • Adjustable magnetic cast control
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Double paddle aluminum handle
  • Ease of use


  • Only right-handed operation


2. Lews Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Series Reel

Lews Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Series ReelLews Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Series Reel review

Another best baitcaster combo available in the market is Lews Laser MG Baitcasting Combo. This combo has some great features with a durable reel made out of super light graphite with an aluminum spool. It has 7+1 balls bearings and all of them are double shielded. So, they’re well protected from the harsh environment like while salt fishing.

Further, this combo features with Rulon drag system which has 10-pound dragging force. The handle of the combo comes with the Ethylene-vinyl acetate material. This material offers grip on the hands and prevents from the slipping off. Therefore, it grants extra comfort when carrying and operating rod.

The best part of this baitcaster combo is that it is available in a number of different rod and reel combinations. You’ll get three options to choose i.e., 6’2’’ rod with a 6:4:1 gear ratio, a 7-foot rod with 6:4:1 gear ratio, and 6’10’’ rod with a 7:1:1 gear ratio reel. Thus, you’ll get great anglers options.

So, if you are looking for a rod and reel that you can use for a variety of fishing techniques then go for Lews Fishing Lager MG.


  • Rod made with IM6 graphite make it both sensitive and lightweight
  • Rod features with EVA grip handle for slip-resistant
  • The reel features with eight-pieces of high-grade ball bearings
  • Fully-adjustable drag system
  • Great combo for all type of fisherman


  • Take some time to set up


3. Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo- Budget-Friendly

Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo review

When it comes to the best baitcaster combo for the money, then Ugly Stik GX2 Combo from Shakespeare is an excellent choice. This awesome combo comes with a GX2 rod which is one of the lightest in the market but still offers superb strength and toughness for any fishing endeavor.

The rod is made with graphite and fiberglass which offer superior balance and sensitivity. So, you can travel anywhere without any issues. The rod guides are made of stainless steel and EVA foam grips ensure your hands don’t slip while casting.

The GX2 reel has a single bearing which is enough to offer smooth operations for a comfortable cast and retrieve. The reel has a graphite frame, aluminum double handle paddle, and adjustable braking system for proper casting.

Overall, this lightweight is a great fishing combo for baitcasting. The gear ratio and size of the rod are perfect for beginners and amateurs as well.


  • Lightweight graphite rod
  • Clear tip design offers added strength and sensitivity
  • Fantastic durability
  • Suitable for large fish
  • Affordable


  • The reel is not the best
  • Line guide favors the right side


4. Lew’s American Hero Baitcasting Combo- Best Lightweight Baitcaster Combo

Lew's American Hero Baitcasting Combo review

One of the lightest baitcasting combos that you can get is the Lew’s American Hero. This is specially designed to tackle large fish and heavy lures and lines. This baitcasting combo features with a 5-bearing reel, a graphite composite rod, and excellent anodized aluminum spool.

Further, the rods in this combo are made of IM6 graphite which is lightweight, durable, and sensitive. And the guide is made of stainless steel for resistance. Also, the handle of these rods is featured with EVA split grips for slip resistant. When it comes to the drag system, a durable Rulon provides up to 10 pounds of drag power.

Likewise, the reels of this combo are made of graphite composite and boast side plates. With the machined aluminum touch and anodized blue, this combo offers more strength. Also, the stainless steel bearings offer a speed spool reel which also boasts a Magnetic Control system.

All in all, if you’re looking for a baitcasting which is lighter in weight and used for a prolonged duration of time, then this Lew’s American Hero is a perfect option for you.


  • Lighter in weight
  • Graphite rod and EVA grips
  • Rulon drag system
  • Magnetic control system
  • Can be used for both fresh and saltwater
  • Durable and reliable


5. Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing Combo- best for the beginners

Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing Combo review

The next in our list is Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Fishing Combo which is a solid option for the beginners. The rod of the combo is made of graphite which light and agile. The rod is enough flexible which means it easily bend into and out of the water. Also, the rod comes with several side plates where you can attach several accessories.

This combo feature with Black Max Reel which has a 6:4:1 ratio which is a good ratio for all type of fishing. The presence of 4+1 bearings offers smooth operation. The magnetic braking system helps to maintain consistent brake pressure throughout the cast. This makes the baitcasting process easy and reduces the chance of backlashing. This is one of the best baitcaster combos for those who want to learn how to cast a baitcasting reel.

Moreover, the bass gear offers extra durability and extend the lifespan of the baitcasting. It also features with Power Disk System which ensures smooth drag performance. So, this is ideal choice for those who are looking into a combo with excellent power, sensitivity, and durability.


  • Graphite side plates and frame
  • Made of a machined aluminum spool
  • Handles are well-equipped with high-density EVA for comfort and durability
  • Power disk drag system
  • Four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing for smoother operation


  • Some users report that the reel is made with inexpensive plastic


6. Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo review

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo is another best baitcaster combo which comes with a graphite frame and side plates with an aluminum spool and handles. It is extremely lightweight and weighs 7.3 ounces.

Furthermore, this baitcaster has a unique feature i.e., Rocket Clutch which allows you to engage the reel with one hand. Yes, now in this Abu Garcia baitcaster combo you can simply engage the reel by clicking a button close to the star. All can be done with one single hand.

It has a gear ratio of 6:4:1 with 5+1 ball bearing system which offers you smooth operation. Plus, it has the standard Abu Garcia Magtrax braking system. The drag is fully controlled by Abu Garcia’s Power Disk System. It also offers a smooth and consistent feel throughout the entire drag range.

Overall, this baitcasting combo offers great performance to attack fish with confidence. If you’re looking to add a few reels to your collections, then this one is an excellent place to start.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • High-density EVA handles offers a secure and comfortable grip
  • Rocket clutch a single hand operation
  • Easy to use-perfect for beginner baitcasters
  • Lightweight and highly-durable


  • The handle of the reel may loose with frequent use


7. Berkley Big Game Baitcast Combo

Berkley Big Game Baitcast Combo review

The Berkley Big Game is another budget-friendly best baitcast combo that you can take out for your fishing expedition. This combo is well built with a rugged design which withstands the pull of aggressive fish. But at the same time, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

This baitcast combo from Berkley has graphite reel body with an aluminum handle with a grip so that it won’t get out of your hand. The body is made of graphite to ensure a perfect balance between flexibility and strength.

In addition, the drag system of the baitcast combo is immensely powerful. It will drag up to 18 lb, which makes it a great choice to catch large fish. It has 5:1:1 gear ratio. The reel of this combo has a single stainless steel bearing but still has a smooth cast.

Lastly, this baitcast combo is a perfect choice for those who want good performance baitcast in less budget. Since it doesn’t take too much time to learn how to use it is a great choice for an occasional angler too.


  • Strong rod- can catch large fish
  • Superior dragging power
  • Grip in the handle works best for extended usage
  • Impressive rod construction
  • Affordable


  • The reel doesn’t have a magnetic brake
  • Some users report that it is not as flexible as other rods


8. Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combo

Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combo review

Sougayilang Fishing is another best baitcaster combo whose rod is made from high-quality materials. It is composed of 99% of carbon fiber. So, it is highly durable and strong O-Ring line guides offer you smooth line flow and longer casting. The rod of this baitcaster is short which makes it ideal for catching small fish. It works well in both saltwater and freshwater.

Likewise, the reel of this fishing baitcasting combo is small and lightweight. The reel has ten ball bearings with a 7:0:1 gear ratio with CNC machined aluminum spool. There is no doubt, it is great for pulling a small fish quickly and smoothly. The reeling handle is both left and right hand interchangeable.

Overall, this telescopic and lightweight design Sougayilang combo provide you a great fishing pleasure at an affordable price. I assure you that this rod reel combo will allow you to travel your favorite fishing spot wherever and whenever you want.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable with solid carbon fiber construction
  • Corrosion-proof stainless steel for real seat guide
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed people


  • No fishing line
  • Quite intricate to the average user


9. KastKing Cadet Casting Combos

KastKing Cadet Casting Combos review

KastKing Cadet is another great option for those who want the correct fishing rod and reel matchup at a reasonable cost. This fishing rod feature lightweight and sensitive IM6 graphite blanks and EVA handle with a split rear handle design.

The highlight of the cadet casting combo is a high-quality reel that features 5+1 shielded ball bearings, a seven-magnet braking system, and 6:3:1 ratio. Cadet combos come in both left and right-hand retrieve models. The reel of the combo promote smooth operation and will offer you an excellent fishing experience

Further, this baitcaster combo uses stainless guides with o-ring which is perfect for mono-or braided fishing lines. Even though KastKing Combo is one of the lowest price casting combos, still has quality components so that you can perform well in the water.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The handle of the rod features EVA grip for slip resistant
  • Easy to and disassemble- great for the beginner
  • Affordable


10. Zebco Baitcast Combo

Zebco Baitcast Combo review

Zebco baitcasting rod and reel combo is ideal for those who want classic Zebco reliability. It comes with an external magnetic cast control to let you set a precise preference in the braking system. So, no matter how light the lure is or how strong the wind is blowing you can get your line to where the exact fish are.

The rods are made of graphite which is lightweight and durable with split-grip cork handle and built-in hook keeper. The baitcasting reel features an aluminum spool, a 6:1:1 gear ratio, and three ball bearings to make your line retrieval smoother. In addition, anti-reverse bearing allows the hook to set instantly. So, this baitcasting combo of rod and reel offers you superior balance and sensitivity.


  • Budget-friendly combo
  • Smooth 6:1:1 ratio
  • Easy to use


  • Cork grip can get slippery


Buying Guide- How to Choose the Best Baitcaster?

Getting the right baitcasting combo is not an easy task, but knowing the factors you need to consider will make it simply easier to get the right one. So. when you’re searching for the best baitcasting combo here are a couple of things to look out for.


While choosing the best combo you shouldn’t only consider the material of the rod but also of the reel. Basically, the rod with graphite frames is highly durable, reliable, and flexible. Likewise, the fiberglass rods are often tough and flexible but they are too much sensitive.

When it comes to reels make sure to go with a stainless steel and aluminum frame. As they are more resistant, durable, and reliable than any other materials.


There are several baitcast combos with different weights like ultralight, light, medium, medium heavy, and heavy. All these weights will tell you how easy and effective the rods will work along with the reels. To perform in the water, you need to make sure that both match with each other.


While fishing, you definitely want your rod to reach the farthest distance. And for this, you want the longest rod in the market. At first, you need to decide the size and water body and proceed to look after the right length that can cover the distance.

Reel-Frame Type

Of course, the reel is another part of the combo, and you need to carefully pick the right one. The best reels you can find for your combo will be either round or low profile reels. Reels with low profile frame serve with the different type of angler and they’re smaller as well as lighter. And the round frame has a high line capacity. Yes, it can handle heavier lines, which make suitable for gamefish and large lures.

Reel Brake Type

Also, the brakes of the reel matter. As you need the total control over the fish that you are attacking. So, when choosing the reel according to their brake type then you should choose the one which fits you the best. Dual brakes are highly adjustable and work well within both the start and the end of the cast. The centrifugal brake system has 4 to 6 brakes which can be turned on or off which allows smooth operations while baitcasting. Magnetic brakes use magnets and promote overall good performance.

My Outlook on Best Baitcaster Combo Under $100

If you’re looking for the good quality of the baitcasting combo then you don’t need to invest more. In terms of equal value for money and quality, you can choose Abu Garcia Black Max Combo. It is one of the well-equipped and operates under one of the smoothest casting mechanism. And if you’re beginner or veteran, this will surely provide you an awesome fishing experience.

Although, in the end, you need to do some research and decide for yourself. The types of the rod and reel you want to depend on many variables like; where you’re fishing, what you’re catching, and your own personal preferences.

Lastly, with this low cost, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. So, do yourself a favor and pick any of the rod and reel combo and enjoy your fishing!