Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

Closed face fishing reel is an awesome fishing gear to have either you are a pro angler or a starter. Also popular as Spincast reels, the closed face reels are known for its convenience and simplicity. With a single press, you can cast the line into the water to get fish and if anything gets hooked, press the button on more time and get the line back with your game. How simply this thing works to make your angling experience even more straight.

Then there is its sibling “open-faced reels” which works on the basis of rod and reel. It takes so much of hand effort to draw and retrieve the line which can be tiring for both pros and starters unless you have a good physique. That is how both closed and open-faced reels do the same thing. And that is when a Closed face fishing reel outplays the open reels. After all, why do extra work when it can happen with a single push by a finger. Choosing the Closed face fishing reel over Open-face is easy but the real struggle is in picking the best Closed face fishing reel.

This blog about “ 10 Best closed face fishing reel” comes into its existence when people like you get confused about choosing the best closed face fishing reel for their angling adventure. We have entailed reviews of 10 most selling closed face fishing reels along with our best pick among those 10 reels and a buying guide for you. Have a nice read.

10 Best Closed Face Fishing Reels – Top 10 Review

1. Pflueger President PRES10SCB Spincast Fishing Reel

Pflueger President PRES10SCB Spincast Fishing Reel


A Pflueger’s closed face fishing reel is one of the most selling fishing gears in the market. This reel is made up of an inflexible aluminum body and uses 5 stainless steel ball bearings for providing smooth angling experience. The aluminum made straight frame ensures the right arrangement of a reel in the right direction. The cone-shaped closed face of Pflueger reel is made of one of the highest quality aluminum which hardly gets stained or broken.

The handle of this reel is also made from supreme aluminum and it is finished with a calm knob for an easy hold. There are two titanium pins that this reel includes in it which makes your fishing line durable and safe from wear and tear. Moreover, you can perform instant hook sets to save the line, and don’t worry this reel has an Instant anti-reverse system.

This nicely made Spincast fishing reel goes well with beginners and is picked by most of the starters as well. The weight of this push-button reel is also light enough that a beginner can hold it easily. That is why this is a great buy for beginners or even pros.


  • Wear and Tear-free strong design
  • Stain and corrosion less Aluminum made
  • 5 ball bearings for smooth cast and retrieve
  • Dual Titanium pins to protect the line
  • Instant Anti-reverse system
  • Lighter and simple to use


  • Weak Crankle Handle
  • Not fittable with some rodes

Why do we recommend this product?

This light-weighted reel is a value for the money of beginners. Trying their luck in angling using this reel, they can get used to playing a closed faced reel. Moreover, most part of this reel is Aluminum made which means it can endure in any of the wear and tear situations. The instant anti-reverse system of this reel helps you to save fishing lines more than other similar reels. This reel has received so much praise than the bad reviews and that should be enough for a buy.

2. Zebco authentic Spincast Fishing Reel

Zebco authentic Spincast Fishing Reel


Zebco is another popular fishing reel producing company that has a great share in the world of the reel market. And, Zebco’s Authentic Spincast Fishing Reel is an awesome angling piece for a big catch and which works nicely on the hands of women. It is light and easy to handle and you can go for various catches with this authentic reel.

The reel has a quick anti-reverse clutch, buttons to retrieve, and ball bearings for a smooth catch. The whole of the quality material is covered with a strong stainless steel cover. It works nicely in the freshwater and comes with soft and rubberized handles which adds comfort in fishing. Zebco authentic spin cast fishing reel also has a red line which increases the visibility of casting in water. The handle of this reel is easily reversible which means either you are a lefty or righty it can work for you.


  • Excellent reel for the price
  • Good buy for women, kids
  • Simple design
  • Quick anti-reverse system
  • Simple buttons to cast and release
  • Includes red-line which enhances visibility


  • Sometimes the line gets tangled around spool
  • Not good for heavy and big catches

Why do we recommend this product?

This is one of the best reels that you can get at such a low price. The price and quality of Zebco authentic spincast fishing reel are not the same things. Quality easily overcomes the price and it is a great buy that highly suits the hand of both kids and women. The lightweight of this product makes this product to be brought for the beginners who just want small catches.

3. Zebco/Quantum 888HA, 25, CP3 Quantum, 888 Series Spincast Reel

Zebco Quantum 888HA, 25, CP3 Quantum, 888 Series Spincast Reel


Zebco’s reels dominate the fishing reel market with its quality and cost-effective production. From the most economic reels to high-end reels, this company produces every model. One of those models is this Zebco 888H fully metaled Spincast reel. It comes with a dial-adjustable magnum dragger that retrieves cast smoothly. The more interesting is that this reel has an in-built bite alert system. This switchable (on/off) system rings your head whenever your bait is attacked by a catch.

However, there are 3 bearings inside this set of which 2 bearings are for smooth casting and one for the anti-reverse clutch. That anti-reverse bearing provides a continuous reverse clutch to save the spool from rotating undesirably. The whole of the reel is protected by a strong stainless that can endure for a long time. You will get a 25-pound line that is pre-spooled with the reel. Then there is a good-sized strong and soft knob for your awesome handling.

This strong reel is suitable for any kind of angling experience either for bow fishing or for saltwater fishing. A ZEBCO 888H is packed inside a calm packaging by the producers and customers to get this product all safe.


  • Easy to use spin casting fishing reel
  • Works well in heavy duties
  • Casts and drags are very smooth
  • Perfect for longer casts
  • Can be set up quickly
  • Alterable from left-handed to the right-handed


  • Heavy weighted

Why do we recommend this product?

It is because Zebco 888H is one of the best closed face fishing reels for heavy catches. This gear is a must buy if you want to try your luck for hooking big fishes. It has all of the quality materials inside its stainless protective outer layer that a competitive reel should have. More importantly, this reel has an in-built bait alert system that alarms whenever your bait gets attacked. This ringing system can play important while lurking big catches. If you prefer heavy lures then this is the reel for you from Zebco.

4. Zebco 33MCKCP3 33 Micro Spincast Reel

Zebco 33MCKCP3 33 Micro Spincast Reel


Yet another masterpiece by Zebco is in our listing of the best closed face fishing reel. The Zebco 33 Micro Spin cast reel won’t miss out on the list of best reels with its high quality and performance. It is the same reel that changed the fishing game forever by showing big catches despite being a small reel. But it has upgraded now with many new features.

A newly added feature Dial-adjustable darg takes this product to newer heights. Moreover, it also has Dual Ceramic Pick-up pins which are stainless. The steels frame is made up of graphite and that makes it one of the light fishing reels. Don’t miss out on its quick anti-reverse system that starts with a soft push. There is a ball bearing drive into this reel which makes every angling experience smooth and easy. And, the built-in alert system makes you aware of every happening under the water. People of any hand can switch this reel as per their needs.

Zebco is a trusted and most-like brand in the world of reel production. They have to maintain that in every product of them and in the case of Zebco 33 Micro spin reel they are up to the point. Zebco 33 Micro has gained a nice response due to its simplicity along with on-demand features.


  • Good quality materials
  • Ultra-light and compact design
  • Works smoothly
  • Great for the price
  • Suits young and starter anglers


  • Not durable for big catches

Why do we recommend this product

The past and current users state that this fishing reel is good for beginners and kids who don’t cast a line for big things. It is a great buy that you get to enjoy the nice quality materials at an economic price. The size and weightage of this product suitable for the hands of those who are about to hold a fishing rod for the first time.

Thus, if you are starting out or buying it for your grandchildren, Zebco 33 Micro is the best deal.

5. Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel


Zebco has been producing high-quality products since the start and this caused us to review one after another Zebco products. It is time for the unbeatable Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel especially designed for the pro anglers. This is one of the most like reels of all. Zebco Omega Pro is a power-packed reel that comes with a heavy-duty fishing line. The parts of this reel are covered inside die-cast aluminum cover to ensure good wear and tear durability

With a strong double paddle handle and soft thumb bottom on the top of the handle, you can perform easy and smooth casting. This reel got 7 bearings that are stain-free including a clutch and you can retrieve as much as 19 inches long cast. The parts of this reel are all-metal and it guarantees durability for many angling adventures. The handle is easily retrievable from left to the right side and vice versa. Its continuous instant-reverse technology’s smoothness makes it a top buy than others.

When your bait is underwater cast from the Zebco’s Omega Pro Spincast reel, then there is no point to worry. One press on the instant reverse button and here comes the catch. You can take this versatile gear while trying your luck to lure any heavy fishes like catfish, striper, bass, and walleye, etc.


  • Powerful and heavy-duty performance
  • Integrated with high-quality materials
  • Wide versatility
  • Extended durability
  • Reliable reel
  • Suitable for pro anglers


  • A bit heavier to hold

Why do we recommend this product

Zebco’s Omega Pro Spincast reel is highly recommendable because of its features like strong performances, reliability, durability, and versatility. The money put on this gear is totally worth spending and you will realize that after some good catches. It is a bit expensive piece from Zebco but after experiencing its quality, this product is undoubtedly good.

6. Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel, GC100

Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel, GC100


Daiwa is another most-heard name in the world of anglers and the reason is they produce high-quality fishing gear. Goldcast Spincast Reel is one of those products from Daiwa that easily place itself in our list of best closed face fishing reel. This spincast reel is featured with long-going metal covers. It works even better with a swinging spool and ensures the smoothest experience while casting. It is regarded as one of the most effortless reels.

With a single ball bearing this reel can do some big catches regularly. A well built outer construction gives it a strong and metallic look that can impress any anglers.

The quality of every material used in the making of this reel fulfills the desired expectation of yours. The reel is easily operable that even beginners can learn it so easily and quickly. It can be a perfect gift for a wide age group from amateur kids to pro grannies.

Though Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel may look simple, it has got everything in it. People have found it more effective in Carp fishing than others but it can do other catches too. This can cast your line to a good distance and its lightweight makes it easier to hold for long.


  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Lightweight but can catch big
  • Smoothest drag
  • Quick retrieve
  • Oscillating spool


  • Single ball bearing
  • The body is made of graphite which may not go long.

Why do we recommend this product?

Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel is the only name on this list of best closed face fishing reels from the family of Daiwa. There are reasons for that; it is easy to use, durable, and easily repaired reel. It also has a single bearing that facilitates effort-less drag and draw of a line. The easy-to-use feature of this reel makes it a worthy buy for every kind of angler.

7. KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel

KastKing Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel


Kastking Brutus Spincast Fishing Reel is the most good-looking reel from our list of 10 best closed face fishing reel. It is designed with a superb Honeycomb pattern. That does not mean this reel made it here on the list by looks only, it has other awesome features too. This highly performing reel has a Dual pickup system that picks the line so fast to give quick angling experience. The line picking speed of Brutus Spincast is just awesome in saving time for other casts. Using this reel, you can have a large number of catches in a short time.

The smoothness of this reel is incomparable with other closed face fishing reels. The reason is; this reel has got five double-shielded ball bearings which are stainless and can give the smoothest reel performance ever. It also considers the wants of left-handed anglers by providing an easily reversible handle. The aluminum handle has double paddles with rubber grips on both heads. To reverse the handle from one side to another, you just need to remove the retainer cap.

One of the most satisfying features of this angling gear is it has a pre-spooled premium line inside the kit. And this premium line is sufficient enough to catch wide ranges of catches. The pre-spooled line of Kastking reel can cast its bait up to 160 yards. This reel is a total package for your amazing fishing experience and you will not regret having it.


  • Well-made honeycomb design
  • Instant line picking system
  • High-speed ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty performances
  • Premium pre-spooled fishing line
  • High performing line
  • Value for money


  • Weights heavy

Why do we recommend this product?

This product from Kastking performs heavy duties with high speed. The capacity of this reel is impressive and broader than the other reels in a similar category. It contains very unique 5 double-shielded ball bearings and these bearings allow effortless angling experience. It is an up-to-date quick functioning reel that every angler should have. The pre-spooled fishing line takes your fishing adventure towards varieties of catches.

8. Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel

 Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel


No matter how hard you try but you cannot find a reels review without several reels from Zebco. This company has produced reels of any kind. Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel is for rapid angling experience. It works with a high ratio of 5:1:1 that you can retrieve your cast instantly from the water just like a bullet. The setup quality of this product is strong and so is the aluminum cover.

Just like most of other Zebco reels, this also does have an oscillating spool. There is one extra spool for line and it works quickly with the main spool. The two-headed retrieving handle is very flexible and can change sides according to the hand of an angler. The line pickup system of Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel is quite unique than others. It has a zero-friction producing pickup pin design which also supports dual bearing. Now, you can imagine how fast this reel picks its line.

The forged aluminum covers the face of this reel and makes it a long going reel. Its awesome 9 bearings based anti-reverse system gives a smooth angling performance. As a result, there are no questions on the smoothness of Zebco Bullet Spincast Reel.


  • High performing gear ratio
  • 9 ball bearings
  • Instant retrieving
  • Far casting
  • Zero-friction producing pin pickup design
  • Works well for heavy catches also


  • Expensive

Why do we recommend this product?

This is a buy for you if you want to spend a good amount to get an awesome high-performing Spincast reel. Zebco Bullet gives a value of every penny paid.

You’ll get a flawless reel for your next fishing adventures, a reel that has smooth casts and retrieves and can be cast anywhere around big catches. This reel works just the way it sounds; like a bullet.

9. Zebco ZO3,10, BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel

Zebco ZO3,10, BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel


Omega ZO3 is another most selling reel from none other than the fishing giant Zebco. This reel is somehow one of the smoothly performing fishing reels in the market. It is the first-ever reel to have a 7 bearing balls Spincast. Bearings are stainless and provide ultra-smooth fishing happening. Shaped in a completely unique and comfortable design along with diecast aluminum covers from outside this model is special for the medium-type fishing.

The other features that you get with this gear are; it has an instant changing spoon system, smooth worm gear drive, level wind oscillating spool, multi-disc drag. Moreover, the pickup pins and a line guide are ceramic made for better line pickups. With a 2:9:1 gear ratio, one angler can do some catching relentlessly on a fishing day. As its name suggests Zebco ZO3 Omega is one of the last but not least reels of Omega series.

It works nicely in the casting of up to 85 yards with 10-pound line weight. With its soft rubber headed reel handle, you can enjoy smooth and effortless castings and the handle is also easily interchangeable from right to left and vice versa. The company takes a warranty up to 1 year if there are any defects in gear and need any repairs, maintenance, and even replacements.


  • 7-bearing spincast design
  • High-quality material and finished reel
  • Built with aluminum cover for durability
  • Excellent triple-cam drag
  • 1-year full warranty for post-sale services
  • Soft rubber thumb button


  • Can feel noisy to someone
  • Not compatible with old-model rods

Why do we recommend this product?

This high performing reel from Zebco comes with a year warranty for any repairs and maintenance. Fishing experience while using this reel is like no other as it is built with 7 bearings. Those 7 bearings are enough for the smooth casts. All of the materials inside are really quality parts which provide good performance. Moreover, with its triple-cam drag, you can do three positive line pickups. It is surely the best reel available in the market.

10. Pflueger Trion Spincast Fishing Reel

Pflueger Trion Spincast Fishing Reel


Pflueger is an old name in the market of fishing reels and other equipment. Trion Spincast fishing reel from Pflueger is a simply designed fishing reel at first and now it comes with upgraded features. Popular as the best closed face fishing reel for the beginners, the Trion Spincast books its place easily on the list of good reels.

Pflueger has always used light materials to keep their products as light as possible. This reel follows the same lesson as it is made up of aluminum and graphite materials. Moreover, the pickup pins are also from aluminum too. With such material used in it, Trion reel can be used in a wide range of angling adventures. But don’t expect big catches with this reel as its gear ratio is 2:9:1 and there are only two bearings balls. This clearly tells us that the Trion Spincast Fishing reel is for the lightweight catches only.

The aluminum made reel handle is easily switchable from one side to another side which means you can switch it as per your preference. It has been produced by considering the wants of the starter anglers. That is why it is popular among the beginners and sometimes to semi-skilled ones.


  • Suitable for amateur anglers
  • Graphite and aluminum made lightweight reel
  • Switchable strong and comfortable reel handle
  • Works easily with a vast line spectrum
  • Simple and easy design to learn using the reel


  • May not work with heavy duties
  • Two bearings balls

Why do we recommend this product?

Being one of the early producers of reels there is no doubt that the Pflueger Trion Spincast fishing reel lacks quality. It is made with genuine materials to ensure the smooth fishing experience to anglers more especially to starters. The upgraded version of the old model, the new trion is a value for money if you want to have this reel to learn the angling for the first time.

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Buying Guide for Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

Finding a number of reels is an easy job, you can do it with some key work on the Search tab of Google. The next step is the most difficult and it is even more difficult after seeing so many different fishing reels. You have to make the right pick or else you will waste your money. There are several things to consider while picking the best-closed face fishing reel. Here is our buying guide to help you to get the right reel for your angling adventure:

Quality of Internals

The looks of a reel can deceive you. There are companies that try to make the outer look better by installing inferior and low-quality materials inside. Therefore, you need to remain one step ahead of such traps. Make sure your next reel has everything genuine and quality made parts. Don’t ever buy steel that comes in a plastic-made cover, such reels are less durable in wear and tear situations.


Bearings are of two types: the steel one and ceramic balls one and their existence is to make smooth angling performance. The more your bearings are the better will be your retrieval. Therefore, while picking the best-closed face fishing reel, you need to look for the reel that has a ceramic bearing. That type of bearings is very resistant to corrosion and smoothness. They also reduce the friction and having the ceramic bearings makes you spend more.

Steel stainless bearings are the other most common bearing that you will find in most of the reels. They are as workable as the ceramic ones but you can have it at a low price. It is your choice to either spend more or less. However, you have to pick the spincast reel that contains at least 4 to 7 bearings. A good number of bearings provides effortless angling outings.

Drag system

Another important thing is to look for a better drag system. A drag simply works to apply a certain level of pressure to the fishing line. Using the drag, you can save your line from becoming too loose for the catch. Adding pressure to the line is very important for the successful and eventful angling cast. Hence, you need to look for a simple drag system to control and manage the pressure on the spincast reel line.


Whenever picking a spincast reel go for one that has a smooth performance. Having a smoother reel saves a lot of effort and increases the high success of casting. You will cast and retrieve without making any serious pull. Therefore look for the smoothness providing reel.

Pickup system

Another important system of a reel is its pickup system. This system helps in picking up the reel back in from the water. There can be situations like line loss or even bait. This is when a good pickup system comes into usage to save the fishing line. Normally, there are 2 to 3 point pickup systems that are the most popular pickup systems in the spincast reels. But the 3-point pickup system is regarded as the most reliable pickup system. Therefore, try to go for a 3-point system if not then 2- point can also work better.

Best Closed Face Fishing Reel for Us

If we have to pick one best-closed face fishing reel from the above list, it will be none other than the Zebco’s Bullet Spincast Reel. This reel is our final cut because of its high performing speed, just like a bullet. It has 9 bearings and you can imagine what a 9 bearings reel can do it for you. That will work smoothly as jelly and fast as a bullet.

Moreover, Zebco Bullet works well for all kinds of catches including the heavy ones. The used materials inside this masterpiece are the highest quality that you can get in a best-closed face fishing reel. And, Zebco Bullet gives the right value of every single penny you have paid to buy this strong reel.

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