Best Fishing Line Spooler

Best Fishing Line Spooler: Fishing is an exciting and pleasant adventure. Whether you are fishing commercially or fishing just for fun, you need a wide range of fishing gear and equipment. An avid angler would carry an extensive collection of fishing gear and equipment at their disposal.

Equipment like a fishing rod, fishing reels, baits, fishing lines, make up an excellent fishing tackle. A fishing line spooler is one of the most overlooked fishing gears. The spooler might not seem that important at first. However, a fishing line spooler is quite essential to make your fishing experience pleasant and productive.

The Best Fishing Line Spooler is responsible for spooling the line reel within a few seconds. This fishing gear gets operated through a firm and stable stand. Fishing is generally an enjoyable experience. However, the occurrence of line twists and tangles on the fishing reel can be a frustrating experience so proper maintenance of fishing reel is essential. You would not want to get stuck on your precious fishing hours releasing the tangles on your fishing reel.

Manual Spooling was the most preferred method for a long time. This process takes somewhere around 15 minutes to half an hour. The manual spooling requires two or more people to carry, load, and spool the reel. This activity can be quite taxing and takes away a lot of fun.

The modern-day spoolers are quite advanced and you can spool without any hassle. You can connect the sucker and bracket and put it in a firm surface and stable. The spooling gets completed in a few seconds, and you can start your fishing adventure swiftly. These spoolers are perfect for kayak fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing among others.

A vacuum pump is present to provide stability. You can also attach the fishing spooler to the edge of the table with the help of a C clamp. I have listed the ten best fishing line spoolers available in the market. Read further for the individual review of each product and my final verdict.

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Best Fishing Line Spooler for 2021 [Top 10 Reviews]

1. Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine review


The Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine is an excellent fishing tool for loading your fishing reel with braid or mono reels. You can also tie a fish hook tangles, line slips loose and others with the help of the Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler.

The Piscifun Co. produces a well-engineered quality product that is perfect for either wide or narrow spools. It can work well with both the string spools ( Mono / Braid Line ) as they have a smaller diameter center holes. In addition, the spooler is compact and lightweight, which subsequently makes it quite portable. You can carry it anywhere you want by storing it into the trunk of the car.

Furthermore, the specially designed fishing line spooler by Piscifun aids the anglers to re-spool casting reels and spinning reels. It makes your fishing experience pleasant, faster, and efficient. Re spooling with the Piscifun reduces the risk of tangles and line twists as compared to the spooling done by hand. This process gets completed by maintaining the same direction while spinning off the spool and bail.

Moreover, tough graphite material gets used in manufacturing the line winder. The specific model is 18 inches long and weighs only 12.4 ounces. The spooler gets dismantled when not in use. It is adjustable to different spool sizes by rotating the center.

Overall, the Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler has rated a spectacular 4.5 stars out of 5 and is the amazon’s choice for fishing line spooler.


  • Faster, easier re-spooling
  • Minimizes risk of tangles and line twists
  • Works for casting and spinning reels
  • Graphite material construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can get dismantled for convenient storage
  • Suitable for either mono or braided lines


  • Some users complained of the user manual not being helpful

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2. Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler

Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler review


The EZ Fishing Line Spooler by Piscifun is specially designed for spinning and casting reels. This line winder can smoothly re-spool all your reels. It eliminates line twists and tangle that occurs while spinning reel manually.

In brief, composite fiber gets used to make The Piscifun EZ Fishing Line Spooler. The material makes the spooler durable, lightweight, and portable. The incredibly versatile Piscifun line spooler is perfect for smallest spools to large monolines. You can use the spooler with the included suction cup or glass tabletop. This feature keeps the device steady on a smooth surface like a floor.

Furthermore, you can also use it with a rod that makes it possible to work with a large variety of rods. You can spool on the smooth surface, such as glass, tiled floor, surface, and others. The width of the spools is around 5.5 in/ 140 mm whereas the clamping range is 0-5.7 in/ 145 mm. The spooler is adaptable to spinning, baitcasting, and round trolling reel, etc.

Moreover, spooling the line by hand is a tiresome work as there are risks of tangled and loose line slips. The versatile spooler is perfect for thick as well as thin rods. Overall, a compact and lightweight spoolers for all sizes.


  • Fit for both spinning and casting reels
  • Ease of use
  • Single person use
  • No line tangles and twists
  • Composite fiber made
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fit on all sizes of rods


  • Some users complained of the fit

3. Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler

Plusinno review


The Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler is an efficient device for re-spool spinning, baitcasting, and trolling reels. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and ABS plastic is the material used in manufacturing the spooler. Also, the material used makes the tool durable and reliable.

There is a double-headed fastening spring with a tightening on the left and loosening on the right. You can clamp the tool anywhere you want, including a table, tailgate or bench. In addition, the device is an excellent time and labor saver.

Furthermore, the spooler is exceptionally lightweight. The lightweight spooler weighs only half a pound. Similarly, you can easily carry it around and use it in your kayak or boat. The Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler enables you to quickly re-spool your fishing reel line spooler with a new line. It can also work in the opposite direction by transferring the line from your reel to an empty spool.

Moreover, the Plusinno fishing line spooler gets installed onto the edge of a table using a C-clamp. It is more versatile due to the tightening nut. The spooler can generally accommodate spools that are 6 inches in diameter.


  • Useful for spinning, baitcasting, and trolling reels
  • Combination of durable Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and ABS plastic used
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two directional
  • Adjustable C-clamp
  • Accommodates spools up to 6 inches in diameter


  • Some users complained of build quality

4. Thekuai Fishing Line Spooler

Thekuai review


Thekuai Fishing Line Spooler works as a portable spooling system that is specially designed for bait casters. The spooler can work finely with spinning and trolling reels as well.

The Thekuai Fishing Line Spooler is less than 7 inches in length and is easily stored and transferred around. A wide range of spools can fit easily and installed onto your rod. One does not need to take the fishing reel line spooler off your rod while switching lines.

Furthermore, a locking mechanism in the winder helps to adjust the spooler from convex to concave. This mechanism further secures rods ranging from 0.2 inches to 1.1 inches in diameter. Robust composite fiber is the material used. The material used makes the spooler lightweight and portable.

Moreover, a unique matte finish assures that it is not easily scratched. This function makes it perfect for outdoors. After feeding the new line onto your fishing reel line spooler, you can start winding. A single person can use the spooler without the help of others. This Thekuai Fishing Line Spooler is a superb fishing line spooler among its competitors.


  • Useful for baitcasting, spinning, and trolling reels
  • Assures Fit for most spools
  • Fits rods from 0.2 to 1.1 inches in diameter
  • Composite fiber materials used
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Scratch-proof matte finish
  • Used by a single person


  • Some users complained of the clamp being too big

5. Thkfish Fishing Line Winder

Thkfish Winder review


Thkfish Fishing Line Winder is another quality addition from Thkfish Fishing Tackle Co. The spooler gets clamped easily onto the edge of a table, tailgate or a workbench. This feature makes the operation of the spooler more stable.

An adjustable C-clamp gets used to accommodate the surface thickness of more than 2.44 inches. The clamp gets layered with a surface that is not slippery. Similarly, this process helps in keeping the device stable and avoiding the damage in the surfaces clamped. This fishing line spooler uses a unique system that uses a double-headed fastening spring. The spring ensures the smooth running of the spooler.

Furthermore, there are two functional spring in the winder. One spring has the function of tightening while the other gets used to loosening. The winder is incredibly easy to use. You can clamp it onto a stable surface like a table. Then you can install the holder and secure the spool. The line should get fed onto the fishing reel line spooler before spinning.

Moreover, the Thkfish spooler can accommodate a shorter style winder as well as a long style winder. It can work on a wide range of spool size. The short style has a fit of 1.96 inches wide. On the other hand, the long style can take spools up to 3.15 inches. Overall, the Thkfish spooler is an awesome and versatile spooler for a wide range of sizes.


  • Adjustable C clamp
  • Non-slippery surface
  • Ease of use
  • Different models for different spool size
  • Fit surface to 2.44 inches


  • Some users complained of the quality control

6. Boom Fishing Line Spooler


Boom Fishing Line Spooler review


The Boom Fishing Line Spooler is another great heavy-duty spooler from Boom Fishing Co. Booms Fishing line spooler has a spool holder that supports up to 500 yards of wire disk of fishing reel line spooler.

Booms Fishing line spooler has a spring-loaded tensioner that enables you to hold the spool tightly. The line winder Stands sturdily on a smooth surface due to the suction cup at the bottom. The vacuum suction can get fixed to the table or any flat surface. Also, the spooler takes only a few seconds for complete spooling.

Furthermore, the spooler has the main component of aluminum alloy. Likewise, this material makes the line winder lighter and compact. A Vacuum Suction Cup causes the bottom of the fishing line. The vacuum suction cup matches with an ABS model. This feature ensures that the line winder doesn’t shake while transporting the fishing line.

Moreover, it is also amazon’s choice for portable fishing line winders for sale. Overall, the boom fishing line spooler is a portable spooler that provides heavy-duty spooling which gets it into the list of our best fishing line spooler for the money.


  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Provide heavy-duty spooling
  • Ease of use
  • Lighter and compact
  • The great value of money


  • Some users complained of the build quality

7. Bliss Will Fishing Line Spooler

Bliss Will review


Bliss Will Fishing Line Spooler features a fastened spring-loaded spool holder. The spool holder can hold your line reel effectively. Likewise, the spooler has a fully-adjustable clamping force use to control the tightness of your line.

You won’t have a problem like a fishing reel line spooler falling while casting. A robust vacuum suction cup enables mounting to any smooth surface. Especially, the spooler is extraordinarily stable and effectively performs the reeling. You can also screw it on the table for the added sturdiness.

Furthermore, High-quality aluminum alloy is the material used with added rubber for extra safety of the customers. This aluminum alloy material makes the spooler lightweight and portable. You don’t have to worry about rust or any distortion because of the high-quality content.

Moreover, The spooler is available in four distinct and different colors of red, blue, purple, and golden. A complimentary screw comes along with the purchase of this winder. Overall, the Bliss Will Fishing Line Spooler is a powerful spooler for sale that is durable and portable.


  • Spring-loaded spool holder
  • High-quality aluminum alloy
  • stable and sturdy
  • Powerful vacuum suction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Portable
  • Complimentary screw available


  • Some users complained about the build quality

8. Goture Portable Fishing Line Winder Reel Spooler

Goture Portable review


This fishing tool is another line winder that could fall superb spooler that can fit into your fishing tackle. Aluminum is the primary material used in the winder that makes the winder durable, light, and compact.

Generally, these features also make the device quite portable to carry and taken around. The risk of the line getting twisted by the multi-rotate spool holder lessens as the line is more extensive. The spoon holder can hold up 100 yards of line.

Furthermore, the Spring-Loaded tensioner holds the line perfectly, and the suction cup mounts the spooler on a smooth surface like a ground. Similarly, the curved and the vertical one are the two distinct models of line wilder. You can choose the type based on your preference and requirements.

Moreover, the fully adjustable spooler has a line tensioner control. Goture offers a warranty of 30 days while bearing any damages during the shipping period. Overall, the Goture portable fishing line winder reel spooler is an excellent spooler from a reputed brand of Goture.


  • Durable, light and compact
  • Fully adjustable
  • A multi rotate spool holder
  • Spring-loaded tensioner
  • Reputed brand
  • Portable


  • Some users complained about the build material
  • The cup section does not hold properly

9. Seagive Fishing Line Reel Spooler

Seagive Fishing Spooler


The Seagive fishing line spooler is one of the most affordable spoolers in the list. The high-quality stainless steel used makes this spooler able to fight against the risk of stain and rust. The specially designed spooler makes it possible to attach in any smooth surface before using it.

In particular, a special suction cup provides stability and sturdy hold on the ground and a glass material with water. You don’t require any external tools to install the spooler. Also, the spooler gets fit up to 1000 yards of line conveniently.

Furthermore, the aluminum-made screw gets placed on the abs model by tightening the nut. The line spooler provides adequate protection of the fishing line. The tool is quite easy to use. You can just set the tension bolt and start cranking. The vacuum cup can absorb in any smooth surface like a water-filled glass material making it obvious into the list of fishing line Spooler on the market.

Moreover, guaranteed 24-hour customer support makes the product quite appealing. The multi rotate spool holder keeps it safe from line twists. Whether you fish for fun or are a professional fisherman, the Seagive fishing line reel spooler is a competent choice.


  • A multi rotate spool holder
  • Ease of use
  • The great value of money
  • Single-handed reeling
  • 24-hour customer support


  • Some users found it challenging to get the tension right

10. Mimilure Fishing Line Spooler And Nipper

Mimilure Fishing Line review


Nipper is an excellent fishing line spooler that is portable and compact. It is incredibly lightweight at just 4.3 oz and convenient to install and remove.

The suction cup present makes the spooler stay firm and stable on the ground. The cup also enables to absorb on the smooth surface even when the area is wet. Likewise, the spooler not only gets the line onto the reel, but it also sets the tension bolt as well. After fitting in perfectly, the fishing line in the coil will give you a perfect spin.

Furthermore, the aluminum alloy material makes the spooler durable and reliable. The rubber grip at the end makes it extra durable and increases longevity. Also, the spooler does not require any additional tools for installation. Multi rotate spool helps to avoid line twist.

Moreover, the package comes along a one-line nipper for use and a beer opener keychain. You can enjoy your spare time fishing and drinking beers with your friends. The Mimilure Fishing Line Spooler And Nipper is another exciting addition to the list of excellent fishing line spoolers.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Convenient to install and remove
  • Come along with a one-line nipper
  • Multi rotate spool
  • complimentary beer opener keychain
  • Reliable and portable


  • Some users complained of the base not being strong

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Fishing Line Spooler


The spooler must fit well with your line reel. It is exceptionally crucial as it can make or break your trip. The spoolers can fit into various sizes of winders. Besides, some spool holders work well with the heavy-duty line winder only.

Hence, a good fit of the spooler on the line reel is a significant factor that needs consideration before you purchase a spooler.


The modern-day spooler uses a vacuum suction cup that makes it stand sturdily and provide stability. An adjustable C clamp helps to attach the spooler at the end of the table. There are other creative ways to make the spooler more stable these days. You should always buy the fishing spooler that has the best stability in comparison.

Single person use

Manual spooling requires a minimum of two people. However, these modern fishing line spoolers get made for single-handed operation. Likewise, this function makes the use of the tool quite easy. Also, you should always consider the one that can operate by a single person.

Materials used

The materials used to make up for is an essential aspect of the fishing line spooler. The stainless steel used. The stainless material used makes the spooler lightweight and durable. It also protects the fishing spool from rust and distortion. Moreover, the material should also be water-resistant as you will use the spooler near the waters.


The lightweight spoilers are portable and get transferred easily anywhere. You should always choose the fishing spooler that is lightweight and portable.


The price is probably the most crucial factor you need to consider before buying a fishing line spooler. Likewise, these spoolers come along at a very affordable price. Moreover, you should choose the spooler that gives you the best value of money.

The Final Verdict

Choosing the best fishing line spooler from the list is quite difficult. However, if I had to pick one, I would pick the Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine. This spooler comes with impressive features. It is also incredibly lightweight and portable as it constitutes of graphite construction. Overall, the Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine is easy to use and gives you an excellent value of money.

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