Best Fishing Watches Reviews 2021


If you are a fishing enthusiast, the one item that you should not miss in your gear is a fishing watch. The best fishing watch is the one that provides necessary information to anglers and aids the process of fishing.

What do you look for in a watch? Timekeeping and design? Well, the modern-day smartwatches have moved beyond the traditional concept of a watch. These watches can measure air pressure, predict tidal waves, and even forecast a storm. Well, don’t get shocked in disbelief because I am not making this up. These tiny watches for fishing offer such advanced features and so much more.

An angler needs a watch that is beyond just timekeeping. They need a gadget that helps them in planning their fishing adventure. Also, a device that predicts tidal waves calculate the moon phase, and give alerts on bad weather. Moreover, these smartwatches are also suitable for hunting and other sports.

In addition, the size and shape of watches have grown smaller over time. However, the technology used in these watches has only advanced. Likewise, the modern-day fishing smartwatches are not any ordinary accessory; they are modern-day technology on our wrists. Here are the top ten best fishing watches available in the market.

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Best Fishing Watch for 2021 [Top 10 Reviews]

Name of the Product Water Resistance (in meters) Item Weight (in gms)ImagePrice
Suunto Traverse Alpha 100 227Suunto Traverse Alpha review Check Price
Garmin Quantix 5 Marine Smartwatch 100 86 Check Price
Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch 100 132Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch review Check Price
Casio Men’s Pro Trek Tough Solar Watch 200113Casio Men's Pro Trek Tough Solar Watch review Check Price
Lad Weather Fishing Outdoor Watch 100 132Lad Weather Fishing Outdoor Watch review Check Price
Casio Men’s AQW101-1AV 200 132Casio Men's AQW101-1AV review Check Price
Rip Curl Rifles Waterful Digital Tide Watch 100 45Rip Curl Rifles Waterproof Digital Tide Watch review Check Price
Sunroad FR 720 Waterproof Watch 50 100Sunroad FR 720 Waterproof Watch review Check Price
Lad Weather Fishing Master Watch50 66Lad Weather Fishing Master Watch review Check Price
Casio Men’s Outgear Watch 100 135Casio Men's Outgear Watch review Check Price

1. Suunto Traverse Alpha – Best Fishing Watch

Suunto Traverse Alpha Best Fishing Watch review


On top of our list of best Fishing Watch, is Suunto Traverse Alpha which is Handmade by the expert watchmakers in Finland. This stylish watch is excellent for fishing and hunting. It has a rugged, knurled stainless steel bezel and is tested against military standards. A superb GPS is in place to keep track of your location in case of an emergency.

Durable Nylon Strap protects the watch from any water sources. There is a scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass in place. The size of the dial is 50 mm, and its thickness is 15mm. It has a water resistance of 100 meters. A unique moon phase calendar with timings of moonrise and moonset helps the anglers to set their fishing trip in advance. Besides these, the tidal charts graph function is also available.

A barometer helps to attain the air pressure, and it has an adjustable strap that is fit for sizes. The rechargeable lithium li-on battery has a life of 14 days and ten days when GPS is turned on. Also, it has a thermometer and tidal data and a digital compass. Similarly, a GPS feature enables you to travel long on your boat without worrying about your location. Stylish look durable and battery life make this watch a top pick among anglers.


  • Tidal graph function
  • Durable and well built
  • Bluetooth compatible, receive call and text
  • Moon phase calendar
  • GPS and GLONASS satellite system


  • Some users complain of the Nylon strap

2. Garmin Quantix 5 Marine Smartwatch

Garmin Quantix 5 Marine Smartwatch Best Fishing Watch review


In particular, this high tech marine smartwatch is one of the better-looking smartwatches available in the market. It is made up of stainless steel with a gorgeous blue band. It also has a classy sapphire metal variant band which is priced higher. But don’t get taken away by its looks because the features and functionality it offers is equally promising.

Let’s dive into its features right away. It has a water-resistant of 100 m. A built-in GPS and Quick Fit is integrated into the band. Also, the connectivity it provides is compatible with Garmin chart plotters and other devices. Likewise, many advanced features like GPS control, Autopilot control, Remote Waypoint Marking, etc. makes this watch an easy sell.

Furthermore, data streaming options including speed, depth, temperature, and wind are available in Quantix 5. Besides, an elevated wrist-based heart rate system is inbuilt that tracks your heart rate activity through your wrist strap. Similarly, the fiber-reinforced polymer used in the straps makes it highly durable. The dial is made up of stainless steel bezel.

Let’s talk about the battery. The battery is made up of Rechargeable lithium-ion. It lasts two weeks in one full charge and if you keep your GPS mode on it will last only 24 hours. However, if you switch into an Ultra Trac Battery Saver mode the battery lasts for more than 60 hours.

Additionally, an especially GPS developed TrackBack system allows the users to return safely to their routes without marking any waypoints. Anglers who have to sail away from the land for a long duration will find this feature highly satisfying.

Overall, Garmin Quantix 5 is a fishing smartwatch with every feature you can imagine. A full-fledged GPS, Barometer, Digital Compass makes the life of an angler quite comfortable.

Because of its unique and exciting features, it is one of the Best Fishing Watch on the market.


  • High tech features
  • GPS developed Trac Back System
  • Bright easy to read
  • Durable
  • Stylish design


  • Battery drains fast
  • Tidal chart missing

3. Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch review


The Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch is one of the best tide watches in the market. It has a sporty look with red accents and multiple functions. The 45 mm black ion-plated stainless steel case with a mineral dial window provides a stylish look. The quartz movement is paired with an elegant analog display.

Next, let us dive into its features. The Timex intelligent quartz has a digital compass and digital thermometer with air/wave temperature. Similarly, the compass usually is inactive with the 4th center hand pointing to 12 o clock. Also, the compass hand moves the north when turned on. The compass automatically shuts off after 20 seconds and moves to the original position to preserve energy. Likewise, the compass has an adjustable declination angle for exceptional accuracy.

Additionally, the tide tracker counts the next high tide or low tide and forecasts future tides. It has an Indiglo night-light, which makes it easier to view in the night or low light conditions making it obvious into the list of Best fishing watch for the money. The water resistance is 100m. Thus it is suitable for swimming but not scuba diving.

Overall, the Timex is a unique combination of well-built technology with stylish analog design.


  • Indiglo night-light
  • Digital thermometer with analog display
  • Stylish display
  • Efficient battery


  • No GPS tracking
  • No moon phase tracking

4. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Tough Solar Watch

Casio Men's Pro Trek Tough Solar Watch review


The Casio Men Pro Trek is a solar-powered machine. This watch is extremely well built and is designed to work in tough conditions. It can work at a low temperature up to -10 degrees Celsius and high up to 60-degree Celsius. This watch will last many years of fishing.

The Pro Trek has an extraordinary water-resistant of 200m. It has a tidal chart and moon phase calendar function. The tidal chart shows the tide graph over a specific date and time. The moon phase calendar shows the moon data over the period or moon phase.

Besides the regular features of an excellent smartwatch for fishing like the altimeter, barometer, thermometer are also present. Additionally, it has other features like the full Electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow, five independent daily alarms, world time, and a stopwatch. The stopwatch works 1/100 second.

The most exciting aspect of this fishing watch is that it has a rechargeable battery. It can last up to an astounding five months on a full charge with one-time exposure to light. The watch can last up to 23 months on a full charge with the Power saving mode without further exposure to light.


  • Solar-powered and eco-friendly
  • Extraordinary battery life
  • Moon data and tidal data
  • Well built and durable


  • Not bright enough for night time use
  • Some users found it to be bulkier

5. Lad Weather Fishing Outdoor Watch

Lad Weather Fishing Outdoor Watch review


Another watch on the list of the best fishing watch is Lad Weather Fishing Outdoor Watch. The Lad weather fishing watch is another valuable addition to the list. Made up of stainless steel band, this watch various multiple functions for your comfort. Features like tide graph, moon phase calculator, world time, etc. give you extra ease for casting your line.

Additionally, it also a lap timer and a stopwatch. The stopwatch mode is 1/100 second unit 8 laps. It has water-resistant to 100m. The world time mode shows the time of more than 35 countries.

Furthermore, the moon phase calculator calculates the time of the moonrise and moonset. This gives you ample time to plan your fishing trip. The tide setting mode calculates the high and low tide through the tide graph and the event predicts the future tide. It has an electro-luminescent backlight, but it drains the battery on long time use. It is available in six distinct colors. The tide location can set up up to 20 input.


  • Tidal wave graph
  • Moon phase calendar
  • Electro-luminescent Backlight
  • Has a lap timer


  • No GPS
  • Instruction manual not clear
  • Huge size

6. Casio Men’s AQW101-1AV

Casio Men's AQW101-1AV review


Further into our list of best fishing watches is Casio AQW101-1AV which is an old school watch that doesn’t rely on fancy features but toughness and practicality. Exceptionally well built and quality intact, this watch will last you for years of fishing. Water-resistant up to 20 ATM this watch is one of the best budget options available in the market.

A unique feature of this watch is that it has a “fish indicator.” The Casio AQW101-1AV watch uses a unique algorithm to predict how well the will the fish will be biting. It has four fish icons for the same purpose. Many anglers believe that this feature makes Casio AQW101-1AV a must buy.

Furthermore, the dial is bright and comfortable to read in the night it glows. The battery life is excellent because of no battery draining features like the GPS, Barometer, Compass, Tidal wave chart, etc which gets it included in our list of best fishing watches on the market.

However, this watch is competent enough as it has a thermometer and a moon phase indicator. So if you are someone who is used to the advanced features of the smart and very best fishing watch, you might want to skip this one. But if you do not care about tech and want a sturdy, durable, old school watch in a budget, then you must consider Casio AQW101-1AV.


  • Unique Fish indicator
  • Fairly priced
  • Bright dial
  • Excellent battery
  • Study and durable


  • High tech features like GPS, Compass, Barometer, Tidal Chart are absent
  • Some users complained of the dial

7. Rip Curl Rifles Waterproof Digital Tide Watch

Rip Curl Rifles Waterproof Digital Tide Watch review


As the list of best fishing watches continues, the rip curl rifles is a versatile polyurethane tide watch made especially for marine environments. The diameter is of 41mm and is resistant up to 100m.

The most exciting feature of the Rip Curl watch is that it has 500 pre-programmed locations in a graph. Besides these, there are various other functions including alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, and electro-luminescent light. A quick tide graph or detailed view is provided at any given time. It also offers a prediction about the future tide based on the readings. The battery used is one lithium metal.

In short, at a glance tide display is scaled for each unique location. The tide heights are displayed 8 hrs into the future and two hours into the past. Moreover, the detailed view displays the current tide direction and elevation. Also, this numeric data shows the exact time and height of the tide.

Overall an excellent watch for sea fishing. One of the best tidal wave graphs and detailed display. But a missing lot of other features like GPS, barometer, etc.


  • Best for deep-sea fishing
  • Extraordinary tide detail and graph view
  • Clear and bright display
  • Has stopwatch alarm
  • Light weight


  • No GPS, barometer, thermometer, air pressure
  • Not that stylish

8. Sunroad FR 720 Waterproof Watch

Sunroad FR 720 Waterproof Watch review


Sunroad FR720 is a great multi-function, one of the best fishing watch. It has all the functionality you can expect from a smartwatch for fishing. The Sunroad FR720 has a barometer that calculates the depth of deep waters. Besides, the change in air pressure highly affects the activities of fish. Hence a barometer comes in quite handy. A sensory thermometer that finds out the temperature and an altimeter calculate the altitude above sea level. It also has a general weather forecast for storm alerts.

However, the one thing that makes this watch stand out is that it has a specially designed fishing information tracking system. This smart tracking fishing information tracks the information of six different fishing places at once. Also, anglers find it quite useful as they can plan their cast.

Furthermore, it has a smart remind system for suitable fishing and also gives fish grading tips that get it included in the list of best Fishing Watches for the money. Likewise, there is an alarm, a stopwatch, and a time and date function display for your outdoor activities. The Sunroad FR720 is 50 m water-resistant, which is below average as its competitors offer water-resistant of 100m or more. In fact, the moon phase data and tidal wave charts are also missing.

The watch is available in five different colors: red, black, orange, yellow, and blue. This could be a great gift for the fisherman. All in all, Sunroad FR720 is a good functional smartwatch that will help the anglers to fish with comfort and ease.


  • A smart fishing tracking system
  • High tech features
  • Presence of Sensory Barometer and altimeter
  • Stylish colors


  • Absence of tidal wave chart and moon phase
  • Some users complained about the dial being foggy

9. Lad Weather Fishing Master Watch

Lad Weather Fishing Master Best Fishing Watches review


And another Best Fishing Watches on our list is the Lad weather fishing watch as the name suggests is a master watch having loads of features like the fishing mode, fishing spot data, weather, monitor, altimeter, split time, barometer, stopwatch, thermometer, depth, and alarm.

The Lad weather watch gathers a lot of data for making your fishing comfortable. You can gather weather forecast information of up to six different locations. Also, you can find out the atmospheric pressure to determine the activity of the fish.

Furthermore, the Lad weather fishing master will warn you of bad weather in advance with an alarm. The alarm sets off when the atmospheric pressure goes below four hPa. Besides, it also provides barometric pressure over the last 24 hours in a graph.

The material used here is the Polyurethane and a plastic bezel. If there is one thing this watch falls short of is that it has an average water-resistance of 50m. It is adequate for a fishing adventure but not enough for underwater escapes. Moreover, the tidal wave graph is also missing. Overall, a good fishing watch that could have been better.

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best Fishing Watches available on the market.


  • Extensive high tech features
  • Master Alarm for bad weather, storm alerts
  • Excellent fishing watch functionalities
  • Forecast of six different location


  • Only 50m water resistant
  • No tidal wave chart

10. Casio Men’s Outgear Watch

Casio Men's Outgear Best Fishing Watches review


Last but not the least, one of the best Fishing Watches is Casio Men’s Outgear Watch. Casio is one of the world’s leaders in watchmaking. Casio is known for its classy but inexpensive fishing and hunting watches. The Casio Outgear has a chic stainless steel design with a one-touch three-fold buckle and provides a very stylish experience.

Let’s dive straight into its features. It has a standard water-resistance of 100m. The watch functions as an ideal date and time watch along with fishing information like data and temperature. Generally, the analog design makes it appropriate for any other outdoor activities as well.

It has a special fishing mode designed for anglers. Likewise, the fishing mode includes the moon phase data graph. Also, the moon data graph details the moonrise and moonset, which helps you in fishing. It has a 1/100 second stopwatch and a countdown timer. There is a five-level indicator that uses fish tracks to indicate the best time to fish based on the moon phase.

The display of Casio Men’s Outgear is a beautiful LCD, and the handles are analog. It uses thermosensors to find out temperatures. It lags in a few technological functionalities like GPS and Bluetooth and might prove to be challenging to read because of the black dial.


  • Five level indicator
  • Nice LCD display
  • Special fishing mode
  • Stylish design


  • Hard to read in the night time
  • Lacks GPS and Bluetooth

Guidelines for Buying the Best Fishing Watch

A fishing watch gives extra features and functionality for anglers who like to cast often. The activities of fish depend upon the tidal wave, atmospheric pressure, air pressure, moon phase, etc. Hence, the best fishing watch must have all these functionalities along with being water-resistant and durable.


A fishing watch must be waterproof or water-resistant. A waterproof watch will completely protect the device from water. A water-resistant watch can resist water up to a certain depth. The basic standard of water resistance in fishing watches is 100m. There are watches that also offer water-resistance to 200m.


The watch should be comfort fit as you will have to stay long hours fishing. Typically fishing watches are an adjustable strap made of metal or plastic. The metal bands can get corrode easily in saltwater but are more durable.


You will be wearing the watch regularly outdoors. So the watch has to be stylish and good looking. Likewise, the majority of the watches are available in two designs stainless steel straps and other material straps. Also, the stainless steel straps have rigid straps, and a three-fold buckle and the bezels and also stainless steel. Polyurethane, Resin, and even toughened multi-layer stitched fabrics are also used. In addition, the screen is made up of scratch-free glass or clear plastic.


Price is probably the most crucial factor while deciding the best fishing watch. The cost of the fishing watches ranges from budget, mid to high price options. You can choose the best fishing watch from the range you desire.


A barometer measures the air pressure of the environment. Likewise, the change in the pressure of air can bring changes in the activities of the fish. Moreover, a barometer helps an angler to plan their fishing trip.

Tidal Wave Chart

A tidal wave shows you the tidal wave data of the past as well as the prediction. The data can be detailed numerically or shown in an easily readable graph.

Moon Phase Calendar

The moon phase calendar provides the data of the phase of the moon. Moreover, the activity of fish depends upon the moonrise and moonset timings. Hence, the moon phase calendar will help help you adjust and plan your fishing trip accordingly.

My Outlook on the Best Fishing Watch

All the above-listed watches are great for fishing and other water sports. These watches have very advanced functions and features. Hence, it is a difficult choice to make. But if I had to go with one watch that would be Suunto Traverse Alpha Smartwatch. The Suunto Traverse Alpha has the best features and gives the best performance of the lot. A close second would be the Casio Men’s Pro Trek Solar Watch. This solar-powered watch is efficient and eco-friendly.