Best Fly Rod Under 200

Are you planning on buying Fly Rod Under 200 that is both good in quality and reasonable in price? Then this site will be helpful for you in finding the best fly rod under 200 dollars of your choice. There are various types of rod available for fishing and one of them is Fly rod.

Fly rod is a fishing gear used in fly fishing which is a method of luring fishes with the help of artificial flies. This Fishing rod is thin and light in weight compared to other Fishing rods. This rod is specifically made for fly fishing as other rods are not fit for this task.

If you are a fly fishing lover, then you won’t be satisfied with any hand down gears. So if you are searching for the best Fly Rod under 200 dollars, we have given reviews on some of them below.

While searching the internet you will stumble around varieties of Fly rod which can be confusing and time-consuming. So to help you out on deciding the proper gear we have listed out a few of the best fly rods.

Best Fly Fishing Rod Under 200 Dollars – Top 10 Reviews

Given below are a few of the best fly rods under 200 dollars you can find with great quality and casting performance.

1. Orvis Fly Rod Outfit- Encounter

Orvis Fly Rod Outfit- Encounter


This Orvis Encounter fly rod is a hardcore angler presented at an affordable price. The fly rod is a high-quality graphite construction with Orvis Encounter Large Arbor Fly Reel, Orvis WF Floating Trout Fly Line, Dacron Backing and Tapered leader.

The rod has a smooth design that was equipped professionally to fish. It is a complete package that gives an awesome fishing performance compared to other packages.

This product is an entry-level setup which is quite helpful for the beginners. It was made with the hope to make the learning easy for new users.

Some of the pros and cons of this product are as follow:


  • Gives out Great performance
  • Good Quality at an affordable price
  • Smooth design
  • Easy to use


  • Has a thin tip that can break off if used with a force
  • Reels are made up of plastic material
  • No long term warranty

Why do we recommend this product?

The Orvis Encounter Fly Rod is easy to use and is a perfect gift to be given to beginners. The setup is basic and can be handled with ease. However, the tips are a bit thin so it is better not to use brute force while pulling.

Also, the price is reasonable with the great quality and performance you get compared to other rods found at the same price.

It is lightweight and Functional having perfect flexes that cast accurate placements. The rod and reels are well built and have a smooth design. Overall this rod gives out great fishing experience making it one of the best fly rods under 200 dollars.

2. Moonshine Fly Fishing Rod- Drifter Series

Moonshine Fly Fishing Rod- Drifter Series


This is a Drifter series Fly Fishing Rod presented by the Moonshine Rod Co. This fly rod is uniquely built that gives high performance at a price that is affordable by many customers.

Drifter series fly fishing rod is a medium action graphite that comes with 4-rod pieces and a hard canvas case with an extra tip. It also has a high-grade cork grip rated AAA with burled ends and spalted reel seats.

The rod is covered in anodized hardware made of copper from reel seats to the top of the tip. Its distinctive design is something you have never imagined before.This is one of the most costly rods of the best fly rod under 200 dollars but it lives up to its price.

The reel seats are carved from the burl woods that give a high-quality texture and great rod blanks performance.

This rod was made with an intention to give a sense of pure and simple adventure that can stir one’s soul.

Some of the pros and cons of this product are given below:


  • Uniquely built with incredible design
  • long term warranty
  • High performance
  • Cast long-distance setup with ease
  • Comes with hard canvas case
  • Great grip


  • Heavier compared to other rods
  • A bit costly compared to other fly rods

Why do we recommend this product?

The rod might be a bit heavy but the performance and quality are awesome at the price you are getting this. It has a unique design that doesn’t match with other fly rods. Also, the grip is smooth, having a balanced combination.

Long-distance throws can be cast with ease from this setup. It easily shoots about 85 to 90 lines. Also, the customer service is excellent, they hear out your problem and reach back to you as soon as possible.

Overall it gives a pure sense of excitement with its amazing look and performance. So this is one best fly rod under 200.

3. Fenwick HMG Fly Rods- HMG lightweight rod

Fenwick HMG Fly Rods- HMG lightweight rod


HMG made the first graphite rod in the world that changed the history of fishing. However, after 40 years Fenwick upgraded the classic rod and made HMG lightweight and comfortable to use.

The reinvented version has a crisp design that produces high line speed and accuracy in any distance may it be close or far with minimum effort required.

It is a blank graphite fast action gear that comes with 4 pieces of rod. This fly rod is user friendly consisting of a huge matte smoke diameter stripper guide and double base smoke snake guides.

The reel seat is made up of aluminum anodized with double lock function and high-grade cork handle rated AAA covered with a cloth on the rod tube.


  • User friendly
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Double lock function
  • Fast and smooth action gear
  • Awesome performance


  • Tips can snap if brute force is used

Why do we recommend this product?

Fenwick HMG fly rods are fast action fishing rods that give a great experience to the user. It is user friendly and can be used with ease. It is a beginner as well as experienced level gear.

The hook sinks deep inside the water helping catch big fishes that are hard to find at medium water level. It is light in weight with incredible sensitivity that helps you realize even the tiniest bites.

Overall, it is a great quality rod with incredible looks and gives out a great rod performance as well. It provides smooth action while casting slow strokes. It is one of the best fly rods under 200 which can be found at an affordable price.

4. Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod- Sword Graphite

Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod- Sword Graphite


This sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is a professional level fishing rod set that even beginners can handle with ease. It has IM7 graphite which gives out high performance with nice durability and accuracy.

The rod has a machined aluminum reel seat with double lock rings for the heft and better reel performance. As for fly lines, they have used ceramic stripping guides inserts and chrome guides to make the gliding smooth.

The rod is designed distinctively having white dots that help in lining up the guides easily. It also comes with a high-quality cork handle that is very light, sensitive and gives a warm feeling in hands during cold weather.

The cork handle is comfortable and has been graded 3A. The half wells cork helps in handling cast accuracy.

While the full well cork helps in casting power for a long throw with rods that weigh 7 and above. It provides a good balance with comfort grip. Also, the fly placement is precisely accurate with instant pulling power.

It is a travel-friendly set that comes with a 4 piece design rod and a sturdy PVC rod tube that protects your rod. The rod tube is quite mobile and durable making it great equipment to be carried around for fly anglers.


  • Great performance
  • Good quality product at cheap price
  • Comfortable cork handle
  • Accuracy and Durable
  • Travel friendly
  • Portable rod tube


  • Not great short casts
  • Breakable tips

Why do we recommend this product?

The Piscifun fly rod is a great quality product at a reasonable price. The rod is lightweight making the cast smooth and sturdy.

A good choice for beginners as the white dots help to line up the rod perfectly making the experience easier.

You have the option of choosing the preferable rod sizes according to your fishing location. If you are fishing for sunfish, small trouts in small streams then the 4wt 8’6” slow action is perfect for you.

Whereas if you are fishing for general trouts in a large river and streams then the 5wt/6wt 9’ medium action rod will be good for you. It is a universal size for a novice.

It also has a 7wt 9’ medium action rod that is better for bass, crap, light steelhead, and saltwater. But if you are fishing for winter steelhead and salmon the fast action 9wt 9’ will be a nice choice.

5. Eagle Claw Fly Rod – Featherlight

Eagle Claw Fly Rod - Featherlight


This is a featherlight fly rod presented by Eagle claw that has a traditional feel to it. It consists of a two-piece colored fiberglass blank which is very durable.

And the cork handle gives a great grip that allows an exquisite presentation. If you are a traditional design lover you will like the look of this fly rod.

The fly line moves freely through the guides made up of aluminum-oxide. Also, the reel seats are built with aluminum and cherry wood.

The fly rod gives the best experience if you are planning to fish in freshwater. It is a slow action rod with medium power having a line weight of 5/6 wt. This is a helpful set for beginners to practice fly fishing.


  • Won’t snap off easily
  • Reasonable price
  • Great sinking line
  • Soft and sensitive tips
  • Glass rod


  • A bit heavy
  • Cast are stiff

Why do we recommend this product?

Looking at the price you might have doubts about whether the product is good or not. But you do not have to worry too much cause this is a great quality rod that gives high performance. It is a great learning experience for a new fly fisher.

The tips are sensitive so even the smallest bites will be felt. Also, the rod is made of colored fiberglass and has low chances of snapping. This rod gives an amazing experience while going fishing in small streams or freshwater.

With this rod, you can catch fish below 8 lbs quite easily. And the sinking and floating line work just fine.

6. M Maximumcatch Fly Fishing Rod- Maxcatch Extreme Graphite

M Maximumcatch Fly Fishing Rod- Maxcatch Extreme Graphite


This Maxcatch Extreme Graphite Fly fishing rod is presented by M Maximumcatch. This rod was designed to attract entry-level fishers and be a backup rod for the experienced level fishers.

It is sold at an affordable price with high-quality blanks and the best quality products for other components that helps to enhance your fishing experience.

The rod is simple and easy to use, consisting of classy MAXLINQ technology used for blanks. The blank is made up of a pure IM7 24T plus 30T Carbon Fiber mixed with 5 layers of carbon to increase its strength.

This is a fast action rod that outclasses in distance and presentation. It is designed in a way that makes long-distance cast easy, smooth, and powerful.

As for guides, they have used Maxselect stripping and ultra-lightweight hard chromed stainless steel snake guides. And the oversized curved tip makes the long cast smooth.

The cork handle is made up of pure A+ contoured which makes the griping comfortable and helps to increase the casting performances.

While the reel seat is made up of high density machined aluminum that has two up locking rings to make the reel foot reliable.


  • Tolerate saltwater environment
  • Affordable price
  • Long-distance cast
  • One year warranty with lifetime repairing
  • Great performance
  • Good back up rod
  • Easy to use for a beginner


  • Stiff and heavy
  • Loose reel seat

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This rod is a great back up gear for an experienced person. And as for a new fisher, this will be of great help to learn fly fishing as it is easy to use. Also, it is sold at an affordable price which is a plus point.

The rod performance is great with high-quality products used to make your fishing experience amazing. Also, long casting is smooth and requires less power which comes with a comfortable cork handle.

You also get a year warranty and a lifetime repairing warranty. The customer service they provide is great.

7. Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Fishing Rods- Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Braided Graphite

Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Fishing Rods- Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Braided Graphite


The Professional Series II Braided Graphite is one of the popular rods of the Temple Fork Outfitters that have helped in taking their reputation to higher levels.

They offer 16 models that weigh from 2 to 10 wt. These rods are medium to fast action rods that give a smooth and powerful casting. It is a perfect rod for people with any type of skill level.

The features of the rod are as follows: a straight line up of color-coded dots by line weight, high-quality cork having burled accents and stripper guides that are oversized. While the reel seats consist of braided carbon fiber which gives a great griping experience as well as looks soothing to the eyes.

Each rod has a logoed rod sock that is made to add an optional tube that can be from the TFO company or you can customize your own. However, the rod design finished off with matte black and gold logos looks attractive to view.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great cast
  • High-quality products are used
  • Fast action


  • Reel seats have loose nuts
  • A bit stiff

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This rod is easy to assemble and gives out the best performance with incredible product qualities. If you are looking for a fast action rod then this will be an awesome choice for you.

These rods are found at an affordable price which can be carried as back up for anglers. Also, the casting is great even in a windy situation.

If you are a new learner it might be handy as the product is not complex. And it’s amazing compared to products that cost more than this.

8. Okuma Fly Rod- SLV Graphite

Okuma Fly Rod- SLV Graphite


This is an SLV Graphite rod presented by Okuma which is light in weight and provides a smooth fishing experience.

It is a fast action rod with guides made from titanium oxide stripper and stainless steel snake. The casting is easy and leveled which makes fishing a delight.

Okuma offers different versions of SLV rods and each rod consists of a 4 piece design that is easy to carry while traveling. This helps fishing in small streams, large rivers or saltwater undemanding.

Rods with 6,7,8 and 10 wt consist of a full well grip that is comfortable and makes the long-throw easy. While rods with 3,4 and 5 wt consists of half well grip which is lightweight.


  • Easy assemble
  • Fast action rod
  • Easy to carry for traveling anglers
  • Great design


  • Thin tips
  • Rod snaps with heavy force

Why do we recommend this product?

The SLV Graphite Fly Rod is a fast action rod that is one of the best fly rods under 200 dollars which is easy to assemble. And a travel-friendly companion if you are a traveling angler. It is easy to carry and is mobile.

The cast is also great as you don’t have to use too much force for a long throw. As the tip lines have no issue in floating or sinking. The quality of the reel seat and other components are also good.

Overall, this is a great quality rod that gives out proper performance at a very budgeted price. But you should not use heavy force as the tips are very thin.

9. Goture Fly Fishing Rod- Sea, Freshwater, Saltwater

Goture Fly Fishing Rod- Sea, Freshwater, Saltwater


This fly fishing rod by Goture is perfect for the Sea, Freshwater, and Saltwater. It is a great choice for beginners to use and also an ideal product that serves as a perfect gift for fishing lovers.

The rod is customized with burl wood insert instead of the aluminum insert like other brands for reel seats. Thus it helps in providing high balancing performance.

Also, the rod is light in weight but is quite sturdy. The blanks are constructed using 30 + 36T Carbon Fiber that not only increases the strength by 20% but also makes it lighter by 20%.

It is a useful compact travel companion that consists of 4 pieces of a rod that is portable and easy to store in the durable PVC rod tube. The length of the tube is only 31.5”.

The cork grip is rated AA which is good quality gear with hard chromed guides and reel seats covered with anodized aluminum alloy.


  • Smooth shoots of line
  • Light and sturdy
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good choice for both beginners and experienced
  • Quality product
  • Refundable


  • Not very durable

Why do we recommend this product?

This is a simple and easy to use fly rod especially made for beginners. This rod is a good choice to start your fly fishing trip.

It gives out a nice casting performance with great design. The AA graded cork handle gives the grip a smooth and comfortable finishing touch.

This company provides four types of rods for you to choose from. If you’re planning to fish for small trout and sunfish in small streams then the 4 wt slow action rod is suitable for this task.

However, if you are planning to fish for general trouts in large rivers then the 5 wt medium action rod is suitable for this task. This medium action rod is a universal beginner size.

And as for fishing for bass and salmon, the medium to fast action rod of 7/ 8 wt is suitable for this task. Also, the one-year warranty with a lifetime repairing warranty is an amazing offer. Thus, it is considered the best fly rod under $200.

10. Echo Base Fly Rod

Echo Base Fly Rod


This fly rod is made by Echo which utilizes the newest technology and material to make its product. They have created various fly rods which helps new learners cast just as the professional.

They produce high-quality products that give out awesome performance at an affordable price. Whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for a backup rod this rod will be quite useful for you.

It is a medium to fast action rod that eases your casting ability with less effort. And with the 4 piece design rod it is an easy travel pack.

The rod consists of a maintenance-free reel seat combined with nice quality components. It would be a nice choice if you are new to fly fishing.


  • Good casting performance
  • Medium to fast action
  • Maintenance-free reel seat
  • Reasonable price


  • Not too catchy for the eyes

Why do we recommend this product?

Fly rod by Echo is a great gear found at a budgeted price. The maintenance-free reel seat and the smooth cork grip help balance your performance.

It is a nice rod choice if you are new to fly fishing, the rod gives you a great fishing experience for your first time. As for professionals it will be a great back up rod.

The rod is easy to pack and carry around making it travel friendly. Also, the casting performance is amazing while making long throws. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the echo base fly rod.

Buying Guide

No matter whether you are new or pro while buying a Fly Rod there are few things you have to note down. Buying guide can help you know more about them:


While searching for new products, price is the most determining factor on an angler’s mind. People search for good quality products that are sold at a reasonable amount. So we have made our reviews in Best Fly Rod Under $200.

In this review, we have focused on products that offer no. of features in the price range under $200 which is suitable for both beginner and intermediate.

Production Materials

When buying a fly rod you have to know what material is used to produce the product. Usually, you can find the rod in three different materials i.e. fiberglass, Graphite, and Bamboo.

Among this graphite rod are mostly cheap, flexible and available in various action ranges from slow to fast. While rods made of fiberglass are soft and have a low flex rate compared to graphite rods.

However, bamboo rods are the most expensive and have a very soft touch compared to other materials.


You should search for the fly rod according to the environment you are going fishing. The rods are available in three actions: slow, medium, and fast.

Slow Action Fly Rod

If you are planning to go fly fishing in a small stream then this action rod will be suitable for that environment. It has good flexes with a slow speed line.

Medium Action Fly Rod

This action rod provides accurate fishing line control that has a flexible tip and stiff lower body. It is suitable for fly fishing in both small and larger streams.

Fast Action Fly Rod

This rod has a bent tip and a very stiff body. If you are planning to fish in the sea or large rivers it is a perfect choice.


You have two choices for the length i.e. short or long. Each has its own benefits while going fishing.

Short Fly Rods

These rods are a great choice if you are visiting small streams or lakes. They are better to catch small fishes such as small trout, sunfish, etc. This rod is mobile and easy to carry while walking on foot.

Longer Fly Rods

These rods are the complete opposite, they are great gear if you are visiting large water bodies. They offer more control over the line and can be used for the long-distance cast. Also, able to handle harsh weather conditions.


These rods weigh starting from 1 to many more. Each rod gives different fishing experiences.

1 to 3 wt

This rod weight is awesome while fishing for small fishes.

4 wt

This rod weight is a great choice if you are planning to fish small to medium species of fish.

5 wt

This is a universal size for beginners as well as pros that help in fishing any species of trouts.

6 wt

This rod weight is best while fishing for fishes such as small trout, salmon, etc.

7 wt

This rod weight is better for monster trout and bass fishing.

8 and more wt

This rod weight is a great choice while fishing for strong fishes in saltwater.

Our Best Pick

Among all the products reviewed above, the best fly rod under 200 dollars for me would be the Echo Base fly rod. They use the latest materials and technology while manufacturing the fly rod.

It is suitable for both new beginners as well as professionals. They have crafted various types of fly rods that give amazing casting performance. One of the best features of the Echo Base Fly Rods is the easy but high-quality learning experience provided by the product found at an affordable price.

This is a travel-friendly portable gear that comes in 4 piece design and is easy to pack. Also, the maintenance-free reel seat provides you with great durability.

The design might not be that eye-catching but the high casting performance helps in enhancing your fishing experience. We hope that the above reviews were helpful for you to find the product you were searching for.

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