Best Folding Kayak

Kayaking is an exciting water sport. Kayakers use kayak for fishing, sightseeing, or casual recreation. There is no denying that kayaking is a pleasant experience. However, carrying a kayak and transporting it to water can be quite tiresome. This is where an excellent and best folding kayak comes to play.

A folding kayak is a significant revolution in the world of kayaking. The old school hard-shelled kayaks are good, but they are a nuisance to carry and transport to your destination. You will need a special kayak cart and probably an extra pair of hands as well.

Buying Best Folding Kayak

If you love kayaking, touring, or even fishing around, then the folding kayak could be your best option. Buying the best folding kayak can be quite tricky. The advancement of technology and innovation has introduced the folding kayaks for ease and convenience. A unique mechanism allows the folding kayaks to get folded and stored.

The mechanism may vary from different manufacturers, but the functionality is similar. Most of the kayaks available in the market use wood or aluminum tubes. Modern-day kayaks use composite material which provides extra comfort and durability. These kayaks are lightweight and do not corrode like wood.

The foldable kayaks can get reduced to the size of a suitcase or a portfolio. You can easily store them in the closet, the trunk of your car, or the boat. These kayaks also come with a storage bag for protection. If you want to store the foldable kayak for an extended period, then you should always keep it folded.

The step by step instruction manual will provide all the details about how to fold the kayak. You could also visit the kayak manufactures site for video instructions. Many kayakers and anglers are skeptical about the functionality of the folding kayak. You don’t have to be skeptical, as these kayaks get tried and tested by industry experts.

You need to choose the best among the lot, and you will get benefited a lot. These cool kayaks save you a lot of time. They are easy to carry and transport around. There are many folding kayaks available in the market. I have listed the ten best folding kayaks for your ease. Read further for the detailed review of each kayak and the final verdict. This best folding kayak review will help you decide the best kayak for yourself.

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Top 10 Best Folding Kayak Reviews For 2022

1. Oru Kayak Foldable Bay St – Best Folding Kayak

Oru Kayak Foldable Bay St review


On top of our list of best Folding Kayak is Oru Kayak which is one of the most trusted brands manufacturing foldable kayaks. This Oru Kayak Foldable Bay St is lightweight, durable, and stable. This kayak is perfect for both amateurs and experts. It is ideal for fishing, sightseeing, or any other water adventure.

The Bay St is an innovative kayak that provides excellent stability and is perfect for beginners. Paddlers can maneuver the kayak easily, even in healthy waters. The kayak has an origami-inspired foldable structure which makes it easy to assemble the kayak. It takes less than 5 minutes to join the kayak. You can start paddling in just minutes.

Moreover, the Oru kayak has a sleek award-winning design. The material used is polypropylene that ensures the durability of the kayak. Oru Kayak is perfect for casual excursions or adventure rides. The spacious cockpit enables the anglers to store their equipment.

The kayak has a fold rating of 20000 folds, and the kayak has a warranty of 12 months. You can also get 30 days money-back guarantee. Overall, the Bay St is an excellent kayak with great features.


  • Fold rating of 20000 folds
  • Innovative origami design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Used by both amateurs and experts
  • Ten years of UV protection
  • Assemble process takes just 5 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A large storage area in the open cockpit
  • Compact size and sleek design


  • Price slightly on the higher side

2. AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak

AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak


Just take a look at AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak and you’ll find out why the product is most trusted in the world of Kayaking. The watercraft is everything a pro Kayaker can all ask for whether it’s design wise or function.

It’s claim to fame relies on the performance of the kayak and the fact that it suits any water conditions. AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is well-designed and incredibly comfortable with enough room for one.

Virtually it takes no time to inflate and deflate this sports kayak following easy set-up. And while it’s lightweight, AdvancedFrame still maintains the balance, letting it be under the control of a kayaker.

Similarly, it’s formed with a tested stern rib and aluminium bow which enhance the performance of the kayak. They prevent the wave from breaking into the deck and increase the ability to withstand the water.

No roof rack or large space is needed for AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak since it’s compact and can be stored anywhere. They also come with a high-density drop-stitch core to maximize the performance of the kayak.

Because of its unique and exciting features, it is one of the best Folding Kayak available on the market.


  • Durable with Neoprene paddle guard and rubber handles
  • High stability with greater performance
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Lightweight with the capacity to hold up to 250 lbs weight
  • Resistance to abrasion with PVC tarpaulin


  • Non-functional with defective seat
  • Poor customer service

3. Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak


Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak is another addition to the likes of Sports and Elite Kayak from Advanced Elements. The kayak is all about high performance, durability, comfort, and adaptability to different functions

It supports every kayaker, whether pro or amateur by allowing them to maintain stability with padded seats and molded rubber handles. With the 15 ft length and 32 ft width dimension, the kayak is quite roomy and comfortable for a rider.

Unlike hardshell kayaks, it’s way too light and portable, enabling the kayak to easily transit into water. To resist puncture and not let the air escape through the hole, Inflatable Kayak is coated up to 3 layers with high quality material.

Also, its paddle features two blade heads on both sides and a shaft for strong grip. The cockpit of the kayak is sheathed with a strong 30-gauge PVC cover and 1000 Denier Polyester layered outside making it obvious into the list of best folding kayak for the money.

The kayak is designed enough to sustain the rocky shore and small waves. Inflating the boat won’t take more than 10 minutes and you’ll be ready to paddle it.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick Inflation and deflation
  • Stable and maneuverability
  • Comfortable and carefully designed
  • High quality material


  • Suited for lightweight and shorter people
  • Deflates firmly after first use

4. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak


Another best folding kayak on the list is Intex Challenger K1 Kayak. Kayaking had never been as much fun as with Intex Challenger K1 Kayak. The paddleboat is any kayaker’s dream with K1 offering both comfort and adventure. The chamber of the kayak is formed with enough space for one which also helps maintain steadiness.

The padded seats of K1 can be easily adjusted and even removed on choice. It’s sporty and extremely stylish designed with welded material, cargo net and a noticeable graphic to ensure safety.

With K1 from Intex, you’ll get a high-yield manual hand pump, safety valve and a heavy-duty canoe paddle of 84 inch which makes the ride super cosy. It has a soft backrest where the riders can ease off.

The kayak knows its job quite well, having  performed more than good for the price. It has the capacity to hold about 220 lbs weight with a dimension of 30-by-15by-108 inches.


Fast inflation and deflation with Boston Valves

  • Abrasion resistant tough vinyl
  • High output pump and aluminium oar
  • Ultra light and durable
  • Safe and comfortable with easy backrest
  • Highly affordable


  • Poor execution
  • Out of place for kayakers with more than 220lbs weight
  • Product failure and fit for slow-moving river

5. Advancedframe Expedition Elite Kayak

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak


Further into our list of best Folding Kayak for the money is Advanced frame Expedition Elite Kayak. It would be quite tough for any kayak to beat the performance and speed of Expedition Elite from the Advanced frame. It’s comprised of all good qualities and features along with durability that makes the kayak one of the best selling.

Despite the aluminium frame and rigid panels, the kayak is incredibly light and portable. Also, since it’s flexible, you can put it anywhere, be it even a narrow-gauged space.

The aluminium rib at the front of the kayak enables it to cut through the water and provides a great mileage. Aiming to give more strength, there is a rigid plastic inserted at the top of Expedition Elite.

Advancedframe Expedition Elite’s waterproof and doesn’t allow the water to get through the top of the deck. It features a neoprene knuckle pad which is water resistant as well, a velcro cover and poly canvas material. The Elite Kayak has a great valve system with three high pressure ones on the vessel and a lower pressure valve on the upper deck.


  • Super comfortable with drop stitch floor
  • High storage capacity
  • Hull design with aluminium rib in the stern and bow
  • Easy setup and adjustable seat
  • Multiple air-bladders
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Offers more room with zipper on the front


  • Distorted look with side chambers
  • High pressure on the floor of kayak
  • Possibilities of water ingressing in stern and bow

6. Folbot Touring Kiawah Foldable and Portable Kayak

Folbot Touring Kiawah Foldable and Portable Kayak review


Further into our list of the best folding kayak on the market is the Folbot Touring Kiawah Foldable and Portable Kayak which is an extremely lightweight kayak. The kayak is incredibly stable and has better maneuverability. Also, you can move through the water at high speeds. Besides, the aluminum frame and zippered hull make it easy to set up and assemble.

In particular, when folded up the kayak fits into a backpack and then stored into a closet, trunk of a car, or an almirah. Similarly, the kayak protects the deck and the outer materials with Polyurethane material. In addition, Ultraviolet rays protection and puncture-proof is another excellent feature of the kayak.

Moreover, the Folbot Kiawah kayak is durable and well built. Also, the specification is that of 13 ft 3 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and weight of 32 lbs. Likewise, the lightweight kayak is best for rivers and lakes. The kayak comes along a backpack, footpegs, and a molded seat.

Furthermore, Folbot kayak has excellent initial stability and secondary stability. The super fast kayak tracks well because of the scalloped cross-section of the hull fabric. A generous beam provides additional stability. Overall, the Folbot kayak is a lightweight kayak with great functionality which gets it included in our list of best folding kayaks on the market.


  • Lightweight kayak
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Sleek design looks great on the water
  • Large beam for extra stability
  • Comes with a molded seat, footpegs, and a backpack
  • Durable and well built


  • The kayak doesn’t come with life jackets.

7. Oru Kayak Coast Xt

Oru Kayak Coast Xt review


As the list of Best Folding Kayak continues, the Oru Kayak Coast XT is another superb addition on the list. While the Oru Kayak Bay St is perfect for amateurs, the Coast Xt is ideal for expert anglers.

Here, this flagship kayak is specially made for serious expeditions and advanced performance. In addition, the Oru Kayak Coast Xt boasts of excellent features all around. Besides, the kayak offers maximum speed along with exceptional maneuverability.

Furthermore, the material used is 5mm double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene. The fold rating of 20000 fold cycles assures of excellent durability. It also has a 10-year UV treatment. The dimensions of the kayak are 16 ft in length and 34 lbs in weight. The kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Moreover, the vast space gets used to store camping gear or fishing equipment. Oru Kayaks have an assembly process of only 5 minutes. When folded, the kayak fits into the size of a large suitcase. Also, you can subsequently store the kayak on a closet, car trunk, garage, or even a boat.

The custom made polypropylene Exeter enables it to tackle strong waters and harsh conditions. The kayak is robust and portable. The unique design with a rigid hull ensures excellent tracking and speed. Overall, the Oru Kayak Coast Xt is one of the best fold up kayak available.


  • Advanced performance for expert anglers
  • Rigid hull for excellent speed and handling
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • Durable and portable
  • Folding rating of 20000 folds
  • Ten year UV protection
  • Well built, can withstand obstacles
  • Ample storage space for gears and equipment


  • Expensive compared to other kayaks in the list

8. Trak Kayaks T-1600 Performance Kayak

Trak Kayaks T-1600 Performance Kayak review


The Trak Kayak T-1600 Performance Kayak contain polyethylene just like the traditional kayaks. This feature makes the kayak extraordinarily durable and increases performance. The kayak is quite versatile and can withstand strong waters.

It has three hydraulic jacks that enable the kayakers to change the shape of the kayak when needed. You can make it flatter if you want extra stability. On the other hand, if you want to increase maneuverability, you can increase the tension of the kayak which gets it included in the list of best fold up kayak for the money.

If there are crosswinds on your trip, you can direct the kayak into a left or right face based on the direction of the wind. The kayaks are ideal for harsh conditions and marine environments. The instruction manual provided by the company details the assembly process quite well. It makes it entirely more accessible for beginners to prepare for their trip.

Why choose this product?

Moreover, the Trak kayak has a length of 16 feet and is quite heavy at 48 lbs. The weight might be a downside as you will need great strengths to pull the kayak around. The extra weight makes sure that the kayak is stable on tough waters. It has a fold rating of 20000 folds.

Furthermore, the kayak takes only 10 minutes to unfold and 5 minutes to fold back. TUV performance and quality tests certified is the premium feature of the Trak kayaks. Innovative design and award-winning TUV origami design is another factor to boast about.

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best fold up kayak for the money.


  • Polyethylene material used
  • Three hydraulic jacks for changing shapes
  • 20000 fold rating
  • Innovative origami design
  • Tuv tested and quality certified
  • Well built
  • Can withstand strong conditions


  • Quite heavy to carry and transport

9. MyCanoe 2.5 Plus Origami Folding Kayak

MyCanoe 2.5 Plus Origami review


And another Best Fold up Kayak on our list is the Mycanoe 2.5 which is An Origami Folding Kayak. It has a unique slim design. Initially, Mycanoe started as a Kickstarter project. A lot of enthusiastic kayakers saw benefits on the project and invested in it.

The award-winning TUV certified design is its strong point. The space required to store the folded kayak is minimal. The Mycanoe got made after three years of sketching, prototyping, and testing. The 14-inch long kayak is one of the longest kayaks on the list. It weighs around 36 lbs.

Furthermore, you can use the space to store a cooler or any other fishing gear and equipment. There is an optional stabilizer kit that provides additional stability in sharp and choppy waters. Also, it takes around 10 minutes to unfold and 5 minutes to fold back.

Moreover, the material used in manufacturing the Mycanoe kayak is double layer marine-grade custom made polypropylene. This material provides high durability and stability. There are eight seating options, along with a large storage area. Thus, the Mycanoe is a stylish kayak with innovative design.


  • Single seam construction
  • Multiple seat position
  • Double grade marine layered custom manufactured polypropylene
  • Optional stabilizer for extra stability
  • Quite long at 14 inch
  • 20000 fold rating
  • 15-year UV protection
  • TUV performance and quality certified
  • Great storage area


  • Slightly heavier than average

10. Folbot Touring Foldable Cooper Kayak

Folbot Touring Cooper review


Last but not the least, one of the best folding kayaks on our list is the Folbot Touring Cooper Foldable Kayak which is feature-packed. The assembling process is easy and swift. You do not require any extra tools to carry out the assembling process. Also, the frame gets assembled first and then the covering. It takes around 15 minutes to unfold and fix the kayak.

Above all, the kayak gets made from lightweight aluminum. The aluminium makes the kayak durable without making it heavy. Besides, Elavoy is the material used for the external covering. Also, the incredibly built kayak is sturdy and resistant to punctures and UV rays.

Moreover, an external seat provides extra seating option. In addition, the 16 and a half inch kayak weighs around 24 inches. Likewise, there is a large storage area around the cockpit with plenty of space to keep your fishing gears. Therefore, you can also move around quite easily without destabilizing the kayak.

Furthermore, the length and sleek design make the kayak quite fast. The tracking of the cooper is impressive and is very stable even in strong waters. Overall, the Folbot Touring Foldable Cooper is another superb kayak in the list.


  • Fast, athletic design
  • Aluminum and Elavoy material used
  • Good tracking and stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • The UV protection and puncture-resistant
  • Can withstand strong water conditions
  • Large storage area
  • Compact and durable
  • The great length provides maximum speed


  • Expensive than other kayaks on the list

11. Folbot Recreational Citibot Folding Kayak

Folbot Recreational Citibot review


The Folbot Recreational Citibot Folding Kayak is a lightweight and compact kayak. It weighs around 24 lbs. The kayak may be lighter than other kayaks, but it is quite durable and safe.

Aluminum made the frame is corrosion-proof, and the hull gets made of Elavoy. The hull can withstand minor scratches and damages in strong water conditions. The UV protection feature safeguards the kayak from continuous exposure to the sun. Moreover, the wire design of the citibot provides extra stability and better balance.

Moreover, the frame gets assembled first, and then the hull gets pulled over. Also, the frame length is 10 feet, which means the kayak is not faster than other kayaks on the list. Similarly, the tracking is adequate and holds up against all weather conditions. Besides, the Folbot Recreational Citibot kayak has a wide beam that increases the stability.

Furthermore, the kayak is best for recreation in small lakes and ponds. The downside is that the kayak is compact and might be difficult for a significant person to fit in. One of the big advantages of kayak is that it is easy to craft upright and paddle straight. Overall, a well-built kayak that is perfect for beginners.


  • Compact and well built
  • Perfect for beginners
  • UV protection
  • Made of aluminum and Elavoy
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wider and stable
  • Durable and safe


  • Slower than other kayaks
  • Harder to fit in

12. Trak Kayaks Seeker Performance Folding Kayak

Trak Kayaks Seeker Performance review


The Trak Kayaks Seeker Performance Folding Kayak is one of the sturdiest built kayaks on the list. Military-grade polyethylene gets used to make the hull while the aerospace aluminum gets used to make the frame. Moreover, the quality resembles that of a standard hardshell kayak.

In particular, the kayak is quite heavy at 48 lbs. Similarly, this weight factor makes the kayak unsuitable for recreational touring. But the kayak is perfect for advanced and expert professional anglers and kayakers. Also, the Traks kayak is exceptionally versatile.

Moreover, the innovative hydraulic jacks feature makes it easy for the kayakers to either increase or decrease the curve of the hull. This feature allows you to opt for more excellent maneuverability or greater stability. Besides, the 16-inch length of the kayak also works as an advantage.

Furthermore, the kayak is durable and withstands UV rays and corrosion. In addition, the kayak is perfect for different water conditions as it can get diverted to face the left or right Cresent during crosswinds. Overall, a versatile and best fold up kayak for professionals.


  • Three hydraulic pumps to set the size of the hull
  • Solid polyethylene build with aerospace aluminum
  • Suitable for different conditions
  • Five-year warranty
  • Can get diverted during crosswinds
  • Tough built and Versatile
  • Best for a professional kayaker
  • Lengthy design means high speed


  • Heavy
  • The deck at the back gets elevated

13. Elevens Cruise Plus Foldable and Portable Kayak

Elevens Cruise Plus review


The Elevens Cruise Plus Foldable And Portable Kayak is a great foldable sit-in kayak. Made up of custom-extruded double-ply FRPP the kayak, the kayak is highly durable. The only downside is that the fold rating is only 10,000 folds.

The kayak can withstand harsh marine conditions. It is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater. Likewise, the kayak is ideal for recreational paddling, fishing, touring, sightseeing, and other water sports. The Elevens cruise kayak is lightweight and weighs only 30 pounds.

Moreover, the dimensions of the kayak are 34x30x14 inches when folded. You can store the portable kayak quickly in the closet, trunk of a car, almirah, and others. You will not require any tools for assembling the kayak. Besides, the kayak takes a little longer to assemble at around 10 minutes. Also, this extra time is because of the sit-in design.

Furthermore, the rigid hull design makes the kayak stable and faster. The kayak comes in with a package of paddle, seat, mobile phone mount, cup holder, life vest, and a bag. The kayak comes in two distinct colors of red and blue. Similarly, the red-colored has an advantage as the kayak is easy to spot in waters. Overall, the Elevens kayak is an excellent kayak with powerful features.


  • Custom extruded double-ply FFRP material
  • The excellent hull design allows fast speed
  • Weighs only 30 pounds
  • Well built and portable
  • Great for a casual recreational tour, fishing, camping, and others
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Can withstand harsh conditions
  • 10000 fold rate


  • The folding rate is relatively less
  • Takes a little longer to assemble

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Fold up Kayak

A lot of factors need consideration before buying the best folding kayaks. Portability and folding mechanism are the most critical factors you need to consider. Besides that, other features like stability, tracking is also essential.

Portability of the Best Folding Kayak

Portability is the primary function of any folding kayak. The kayak should be able to store quite easily when folded. Moreover, the kayaks either turns into a large suitcase or portfolio. It can get stored in a closet, car trunk, garage, or any other place.

Usually, there are also specially designed best folding kayak racks available in the market. The portable kayak can be easily transported into your destination. However, you should not compromise on the portability factor as this is the primary function of a folding kayak.


The assembling process can be infuriating if it takes a lot of time. Modern-day kayaks come with innovative designs that make it easy for kayakers to assemble and fold their kayaks within minutes.

You should opt for a kayak that has a comfortable and swift assembly mechanism. Also, an excellent folding

The folding kayaks weight considerably less than the traditional kayaks. Moreover, the average kayak weight is around kayak should not need a tool for the assembly process.


20-30 lbs. Inflatable kayaks weight even less but have lesser features.

You will not need a kayak cart as in the case of a hard shell kayak. The best folding kayak are lightweight and portable.


A higher inch beam provides more excellent stability. Narrow beam kayaks offer super fast speed but are less stable. Besides, a wider beam, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable but are slower than the narrow beam kayaks. Also, you will need to choose the best kayak according to your preference.

If you are an amateur kayaker, you should buy a kayak that is wider and stable. However, if you are a seasoned kayaker familiar with the maneuverability of the kayak, then you can get a kayak that has a narrow beam. Generally, a kayak of 30 inches or more is perfect for beginners. Hence, for an expert kayaker, a beam of around 25 inches is ideal.


In particular, buying a kayak is a long term investment. Folding kayaks come with a mechanism that might weaken the kayak over time. Folding a kayak back and forth every time you go out paddling makes the kayak wear out over time.

Kayak manufacturers provide a particular fold rating that makes it easy to compare different kayaks and choose the best. In addition, a fold rating of 20000 folds is ideal for an excellent folding kayak. PVC, polypropylene are some of the industry-standard materials used. Conclusively, these industry-standard material used makes the kayak more durable.

Hull design

A good kayak has a rigid hull. It is a crucial aspect of a kayak. Also, a rigid hull provides better stability and excellent tracking of the kayak. Similarly, you should choose the kayak that has a rigid hull.


The price factor is another crucial factor that needs consideration. Likewise, a folding kayak is a long term investment and requires considerable investment. Moreover, you should buy a kayak that is feasible and according to your price range.

The Final Verdict – Best Folding Kayak

In conclusion, all the above-listed kayaks provide great functionally and come packed with excellent features. Deciding the best one from the list is a tough choice.

But if I had to pick one among the best fold up kayak, I would choose the Oru Kayak Foldable Bay St. In fact, the Bay St has an award-winning design along with power-packed features. Additionally, it also provides an extraordinary 12 months warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee.