Best Ice Fishing Sleds

Ice-fishing is exciting. The cold temperature sometimes can be unbearable, but the experience is exquisite. But getting your gears to the fishing spot is challenging. You need to carry much more gear while ice-fishing.

The best ice-fishing sleds must have enough space for all your gears. ice-fishing sleds are a means of transportation on ice. Ice fishers need to carry their fishing rods, ice-fishing line, tackles, ice fishing fish finder and many more. The auger, portable heater, and shelter all must be stored properly. You will have very less mobility while you are on ice. This is where ice-fishing sleds come to shine. They offer you better mobility.

As we are getting nearer to the ice-fishing season, there are certain things to be considered. Ice sleds are the most important thing for any ice-fishing trip. The best ice-fishing sled allows anglers to pack as much as they need to. They must be comfortable while pulling sleds, and the best ice-fishing sled needs to be reliable. They need to be mobile.

There is a wide variety of ice-fishing sleds in the market right now. I have chosen some of the best ice-fishing sleds you can get.

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Top 5 best ice-fishing sleds (Review)

1. Shappell Jet ice-fishing Sled

Shappell Jet ice-fishing Sled review


On top of our list of Best Ice Fishing Sleds is every fisher’s first pick. It has a dimension of 54*24*10 inches. An experienced angler will recommend this fishing sled any day. This sled is almost perfect. It has enough space for all your accessories. Some anglers like to pack light. Whereas, others have to pack tight depending on the fishing spot they are visiting.

There are numerous accessories that take up too much space in your regular sled or a carry bag. Many telescopic fishing rods are not compatible with ice-fishing. While your ice-fishing rod is smaller than your regular fishing rod, they do not pack easily. Shappell jet ice-fishing sled is spacious and robust.

This fishing sled can easily hold your fishing rod, auger, portable shelter, and portable heater. It also has enough space for all your other necessary equipment. You will have no difficulties in pulling this sled. It is sturdy but comfortable to haul. The guides at the bottom are perfect, which allows better mobility on the ice.

This sled can be used in various manners. It can be dragged along gravel or woods. It is made from polyethylene. It includes rugged polyethylene construction. It comes with molded runners, which increases its strength and stability. This ice-fishing sled consists of a specially contoured hull. This addition results in easy pulling the sled and better control.

Because of its unique and exciting features, it is one of the best Ice Fishing Sleds available on the market.

While ice-fishing, the temperature drops beyond your expectations. Under such harsh environment, you need to reach your destination sooner. Due to its better mobility and higher capacity, you will be less exposed to the unforgiving temperatures.


  • Ideal for ice-fishing as well as deer hunting and transporting other stuff
  • Rugged polyethylene body
  • Contoured hull for better mobility
  • Rigid and sturdy frame
  • Molded runner
  • Deep carry design
  • Compatible for transporting rocks and heavy luggage


  • The tow rope might be smaller for some

Rating: 4.9/5

2. Terrain Sport Sled

Terrain Sport Sled review


Second, on our list of best Ice Fishing sleds is Terrain sport sled. It is neck to neck with Shappell jet sled when it comes to performance. This multi-purpose sled can be your ideal sled. It can be used to transport massive rocks, hunting traps, and all kinds of fishing gears.

You can get maximum portability from this sled. This ice-fishing sled has a dimension of 54.2*25.5*10 inches. There is enough space for your fishing gear. You can easily transport your portable heater, fishing rods, portable shelter, ice auger, and all other equipment.

This sled has enough space for numerous anglers. You and your friends both can transport your necessary items in this sled. It is easy to pull by hand, ATV, and snowmobile. It is a heavy-duty sled capable of performing in all kinds of fishing trips. You can easily use this on land, light rocky terrains or small water streams.

It can easily float on water even if it has 50 pounds of items inside. This way you can take your stuff through a small stream of water as well. The impact of polyethylene material has a significant advantage regarding its strength. This addition increases its power and portability. This sled is lightweight.

The sled comes with a heavy-duty pulling rope and ribbed bottom. This feature allows you to navigate your sled correctly.


  • Can be used on ice and land
  • Spacious for all your ice-fishing equipment
  • Ribbed bottom lets you navigate properly
  • Can be used to transport your Christmas tree
  • Can be used for hunting, fishing, and as a typical sled for your kids
  • Extra strength and stability
  • High side walls offer greater capacity


  • The tow rope is shorter in comparison to the sled itself

Rating: 4.8/5

3. Beavertail Sport Sled

Beavertail Sport Sled review


Beavertail sport sled is available in various sizes. So, there is a guarantee that you will find the perfect one for you. This sled is best for ice-fishing, duck hunting, and to transport stuff for your backpacking trip.

The option I get for this sled is incredible. There are three different sizes available for you to choose from. The extra large size comes with a dimension of 64*29*11 inches and weighs 17 pounds. This one is ideal for multiple anglers. You can fit more than one portable shelters and fishing rods.

The medium sized sled has a dimension of 55*24*10 inches with a weight of 12.5 pounds. This is the standard size. The smaller one comes in 44*22*9 inches dimension. It also weighs about 6 pounds only.

This sled is compatible with all seasons and all kinds of fishing. It will float on small water streams. It has enough space for all your fishing accessories. The sled comes with a high-quality, polyethylene body. Polyethylene is the perfect material to make an ice sled. It does not compromise with strength and durability. Using this material, the manufacturers were able to construct a robust sled with minimum weight.

This sled smoothly glides over snow and rough ground. You can expect an easy pull on this sled, because of the use of bottom-reinforcing runners. This ice-fishing sled comes with added lip area making it obvious into the list of Best Ice Fishing Sleds. It allows the sides of this sled to be extra sturdy and stable.


  • Ribbed bottom for better navigation
  • Available in differrent sizes
  • Compatible with all season
  • Compatible with all kinds of fishing trip
  • Smoothly glides over rough ground as well
  • Reinforced lips for the addition of sidewall strength
  • Polyethylene body
  • Includes 2 ropes for easy towing


  • The plastic and bottom may wear out quickly

Rating: 4.8/5

4. Shappell Jet Sled 1 – ATC

Shappell Jet Sled 1 - ATC review


Another Best Ice Fishing Sleds is the one from Shappell. This sled is just as reliable as its older brother. This fishing sled has a dimension of 54*25*10 inches. It means there is enough space available for all your fishing accessories. You can even add some extras if you want to. You will have no difficulty in transporting your favorite portable shelter and portable heater. While packing, you might fill up your luggage with the more significant stuff. This results in less space for your smaller stuff.

You will have enough space for your GPS tracker and underwater camera. This sled comes with the best possible material for the construction of a durable sled. The rugged Polyethylene gives a slick design to it and offers a lighter product. However, there is no compromise when it comes to its strength. This sled is super strong and reliable.

This camo fishing sled comes with a molded runner. It adds to its strength and stability. You can easily pull this sled through snow or any other terrain. This sled is ideal for all kinds of fishing and outdoor activities. I like to use this sled in deer hunting or duck hunting.

One of the best features of this multipurpose sled is its camo design. It is available in a unique design which serves for camouflage in all terrains. The Shappell sled comes with a pre drilled rope holder. It allows you to pull easily by hand, or attach with ATV or Snowmobile. The tow rope might be smaller in length when compared to other sleds. But the rope available is firm and sturdy. They feel reliable, so I suggest you wear a pair of gloves while pulling.


  • Unique camo design for all terrains
  • Compatible with all kinds of fishing trips
  • Fit for rough terrains and snow
  • Can float on small water streams
  • Super strong
  • Lightweight ice-fishing sled
  • Best value pack
  • Molded runner for better stability
  • Deep carry design


  • The camo design might not be everyone’s cup of tea

Rating: 4.7/5

5. Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled

Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled review

Further, into our list of best Ice Fishing Sleds is Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled. Right away Flexible flyer is a large sled. It has a dimension of 60*23.5*10 inches. But it weighs only 12.5 pounds. There is enough space for your belongings. It is the ideal sled for numerous anglers. You can store numerous fishing rods, tackles, and other accessories.

This sled has a vast storage capacity. It can easily fit your auger, shelter, portable heater, tackle, fish finder, firewood, and gallon buckets. It is longer than other sleds but has the same width and depth. You can even fit your folding chair in it. I have become a massive fan of this feature.

The sled is firm and durable. It uses high-density polyethylene. This is the ideal material to use in a pulling sled. This material is light but does not compromise with its strength. This fishing sled comes with a reinforced lip design. This design makes the sidewall, even more, stronger and reliable.

The molded grooves on the bottom of the sled add strength to it. It also allows for better navigation and tracking stability on snow. This is a multi purpose sled. It can be used as a work sled, ice-fishing sled, hunting sled, and downhill fun sled. There is a heavy-duty tow rope available, which allows you to pull it with your hands, or attach with an ATV or snowmobile.

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best Ice Fishing Sleds available on the market.


  • Massive storage capacity
  • Molded bottom for better stability and navigation
  • High density polyethylene for better strength
  • Reinforced lip
  • Multi-purpose sled
  • Compatible with rough terrains and snow
  • Easy to pull
  • Large size with reasonable weight


  • Expensive than other sleds

Rating: 4.5/5

Guidelines to choose the best Ice fishing sleds

Multiple choices are always confusing. Choosing the right product is complicated and tiring. Some choose to rely on their instinct, whereas some do in-depth research before choosing the right one.

There are some properties to look for in your ice-fishing sleds.

How much gear do you want to tow

You cannot just choose a sled randomly and regret later. Ice sleds let you save time and energy. If you are packing light, and just enough gears than you don’t need to go for larger sleds.

However, if you are thinking of packing heavy or traveling with your friends, you need to go for a larger sled.

Your mode of transportation

Another important factor is your mode of transportation. You must choose your sled according to your transportation. Much larger sleds might not fit in a car trunk.

Also, you have to consider your method of reaching the fishing spot. Are you hiking all the way up, or are you using an ATV or snowmobile? It is better if you choose the ice sled that is compatible with all.


Weight of your sled does not determine its strength. You have to be careful on this one. You have to choose a sled that is both lightweight and durable. These ice-fishing sleds need to be pulled. And the weight definitely matters.

Also, you will be adding your gears, which eventually increases its weight. Do not make the mistake of choosing a heavy sled.


Yes, size does matter when it comes to ice sleds. The more size it has, the more weight it possesses. This statement is not always true, but the size does affect weight. Like I mentioned above, you have to consider your modes of transportation and quantity of your gears. Choose the sled that has the right dimension, and is compatible with your trip.

Materials and durability

Everyone wants their belongings to be durable. Choosing the wrong sled might be a lot worse than you think. You could end up in snow alone with your gears and a torn sled. This is why you must always consider the materials used to manufacture your sled.

You need to verify that your sled is durable and well engineered. The high-density polyethene is the best material right now. It is sturdy, flexible and light.


Yes, this is also important. You just cannot go on buying the sled you find without considering its price. You need to make sure that you are getting as much as you have paid for.

And some of you might need to travel on a budget.

Final thoughts on choosing the right ice sleds

You need to understand that every angler has their own preferences and perspectives. The top 4 sleds mentioned above are the right choices for most anglers. You need to choose the ice sled that fits your requirements. You need proper research and study. One product is not ideal for all.

How to use your ice-fishing sleds properly?

Your work is not over after getting a new ice sled. One must have knowledge of using the ice sled properly. There are certain things to consider before you head off to your fishing trip.

  • You must always know how to pack. It will save you time while you travel through dense snow.
  • Always pack your bigger and heavier items first. It will increase the stability of your sled. It will also work as a perfect base for other accessories.
  • Always bring a trap or a cover for your sleds. In case of rain or snow, you would want to protect your gears. If you do so, you will be able to use your sleds for a longer time.
  • Always wear gloves while you haul through the snow.
  • Always pack your portable shelter last. Many anglers make the mistake of packing their shelter first. If you pack your shelter last, you can assemble your shelter first.

My verdict

Finally, ice-fishing sleds are the most important thing for your ice-fishing trips. Choose wisely, and you will have no trouble throughout your journey.

The top 4 sleds mentioned above are ideal for most anglers and fishing areas. I would go for any of them.

But if I have to choose any one between them, then I would go for the Shappell jet ice-fishing sled. It is affordable, has enough space, is lightweight, and durable.


Make sure you choose your fishing spot wisely. Do not get involved in those acts which may harm animals. Make sure you keep the environment clean.