Best Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats

Don’t you think that spending time in the water is always fun? Couple that with fishing and you can get a lot of joy out of the time you spend in the water. All you need for that is the best inflatable pontoon fishing boats.

With a good inflatable Pontoon fishing boat, all you have to so is the toll the motor or use oars to move around the water and find those secret fishing holes.

With the growth of technology, inflatable pontoon fishing boats in the market come with greater comfort and adjustments than ever before. Handy inflatable boats come with a great design that makes way for easy transport.

Such boats generally get set up easily. However, that also depends upon the type of boat you choose. When you are done fishing in the water, you can just deflate the boat and pack it for another fishing day.

You can find pontoon boats with different models that will provide you with different features. So when buying pontoon boats, you have to look for these features that will best suit you the best.

With numerous inflatable pontoon fishing boats to choose from, you might be having a bit of trouble deciding which one will suit you the best. To make things easier, I have listed some of the best inflatable pontoon fishing boats.

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8 Best Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats for 2021

1. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat reivew


On the top of our list of best inflatable pontoon fishing boat, we present you Classic Accessories Inflatable Pontoon Boat. It is a 9 feet boat which strong enough for river fishing and can be rolled or trolled without getting damaged. The motor mount of the boat is weather resistant and comes with two positions and three ore lock positions. These lock positions can be used to handle the 7-foot ore. An Anchor system uses a fillable mesh bag that contains cleat and pulley control and is fitted on the left or right side of the boat.

Colorado fishing pontoon boat has several drink holders attached to the boat. You can find 20 such pockets for storing things. The classic model of the boat comes with a foldable padded seat and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

This boat comes with a combo quick fill valve so you do not need any tools to assemble the pontoon boat. Due to its portability, it is one of the best pontoon boats you can find in the market. However, there have been some issues regarding the bladder problems along with a poor tracking system.


  • Plenty storage capacity, 12 mesh pockets
  • Three different positions for ore holder
  • 2 positions for mount motor

2.  Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat review


Sea Eagle 285 fishing pontoon boat is a lightweight boat weighing around 42 pounds which is portable and suitable for rugged use. This 9-foot boat can accommodate up to 450 pounds and takes just five minutes to set up.

The boat is made up of high-quality materials, 1000 Danier along with quadruple overlapping glued seams which gives you high durability. This boat consists of swivel seat, stripping apron, floorboard, stow pouch, two-rod holders, and a motor mount that sits to the base design.

The boat can be set up within less than 15 minutes using a foot pump. This boat can be easily deflated as well as it compacts nicely. Along with this, the floorboard will provide you with a steady platform to fish form. As the instructions may not always be clear, you might be puzzled regarding the instructions while using the boat in the beginning. Some may have issues regarding tracking as well.

Due to its specifications and features, we have listed it in our inflatable pontoon fishing boat.


  • Light and portable
  • Optional mount for HP gas or electric motor.
  • Durable

3. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon reivew


Classic Accessories Roanoke is an eight-foot fishing pontoon boat that comes with a storage system, mesh pockets, and zippered armrest pockets. It has a durable plastic foldable seat and footrest ensuring your comfort when fishing.

One of the best things about this boat is that it comes with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms. The nylon top of the boat reduces the risk of puncture. Roanoke Inflatable pontoon boat is lightweight which is very efficient for backpacking which makes it into the list of inflatable pontoon fishing boat. Most of the users prefer the 350-pound weight capacity when fishing.

One of the defects of the boat is that the 6-foot ores get easily damaged and it lacks a decent ore lock system too. You may have some problems with the leakage of the valve too. But, this boat is best for the ones who haven’t used pontoon boats before for fishing. It is quite affordable too.


  • High ride for better visibility
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms

4.  Aquos PF380 FISHME Heavy Duty Inflatable Pontoon

Aquos PF380 FISHME Heavy Duty review


As our list of best inflatable pontoon fishing boat continues, we have Aquos PF380 FISHME. This 12.5 foot Aquos Heavy duty pontoon fishing boat is made with durable Thermo bonding build with 9 mm thick German PVC. The boat consists of four main chambers and two reinforced chambers that maintain stability. It is suitable for one or two-man fishing which makes it one of the Best Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats.

The floorboard of the boat is made up of 94×51 aluminum that will allow you plenty of customization maintaining its portability. You can find various options in seat type, rod holder, multi-row rod holder, and various other accessories to set up your pontoon boat.

Aquos PF380 is one of the best pontoon boats available in the market with a minimal draft and open deck design. This boat has a weight capacity of 970 pounds and works efficiently even during windy weather. It takes less time to get installed around 30 minutes and can break down easily which makes it easy for transportation. The PF380 is a floating platform. Therefore, it has no raised edges that would have prevented your gears from slipping. Nonetheless, the boat is very durable and stable.


  • Easy and portable.
  • Durable and stale
  • Suitable for one or two-man

5.  Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat Inflatable Fishing Boat

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat review


Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat is a two-man fishing pontoon boat that has a weight capacity of 650 pounds. It is made up of 1000 Denier with quadruple overlap seams that make the boat durable. This 12-foot pontoon boat has an engine capacity of 3hp gas or 70lbs thrust electric motor.

The boat comprises two cushioned seats along with folding frame design. So, the boat will give you a perfect combination of comfort and portability. Sea Eagle 375fc is very easy to set and you may not need the help of any professionals.

Many users love the roomy layout of the boat and its ability to get packed faster for easier transport. The boat comes with an excellent rod holder in it. However, there are some complaints regarding the black end caps of the pontoon. They might begin to leak after several uses of the boat.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, we are successful in listing it as one of the best inflatable pontoon fishing boat.


  • Comfortable seats for two people.
  • Made for heavy-duty use.
  • Takes only a few minutes to assemble.

6.  Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube review


Classic  Accessories Cumberland is most popular for its durability that has grabbed my attention for reviewing this particular item. This float tube comes with a high seat that you allow you to have better visibility and is suitable for warm weather fishing.

The boat has a maximum capacity of 350 pounds and weighs 17.9 pounds which is suitable for backpacking. This bag gets set up easily and consists of adjustable shoulder straps that can easily be carried. The thick padded seat of the boat is adjustable too that gives you comfort.

The hydrodynamic hull shaped boat gives you great tracking and steering. It comes with two-rod holders, 2 cargo pockets and a mesh stripping apron with integrated fish ruler.  This mesh platform will provide you with plenty of storage such as stuff pockets and zip pockets along with some drink holders.


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Improved tracking and steering system
  • Maximum load capacity of 350 Lbs
  • Quick release apron.

7. Togiak Pontoon Float Tube

Togiak Pontoon Float Tube review


Togiak Pontoon Float tube is for the ones who also want to relax on their pontoon boats while fishing. This boat weighs around 12 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The boat has a high back stadium seat along with an adjustable backrest that gives you support and comfort. You can find ample storage in this boat. It comes with roomy armrest storage along with gear pockets, reel pockets, flat zipper pockets and mesh pockets that will keep your equipment safe.

The hydrodynamic full shaped boat will provide you with maximum stability and tracking ability. The high seat of the boat will provide you maximum visibility when fishing and are mostly used for the long term.


  • Includes safety flag pocket
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 300 Lbs.
  • Compact design
  • Easily inflatable.

8.  Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Colorado XT review


Last, but not the least in the list of a best inflatable pontoon fishing boat, we represent you Colorado XT is a 9-foot fishing pontoon boat. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. This boat comes with a detachable storage bag including 20 pockets and 2 drink holders.

For convenient moving of the boat, this boat has equipment with a transport wheel. This boat has the construction of heavy materials which are usually in Colorado products. The anchor system comes with a fillable mesh bag which will make you easy to use cleat and contains pulley controls. The rod holder of the boat can easily mount up to 6 different positions.

Some of the best features of the XT inflatable boat are the adjustable cushion seat, multi-positioned rod holder, and retention cord. The motor mount of the boat is waterproof and the fly patches are detachable.


  • Transportation wheel
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Constructed durable.
  • 20 pockets with two drink holders

Things to Consider while choosing Best Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats

There are several factors that determine which inflatable pontoon boat is the best when it comes to fishing. Therefore, if you want to buy the best inflatable boat, you need to look upon the factors before buying one. Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying your ideal boat.

1. Weight

It is always better to buy a lighter inflatable boat especially if you have some other gears to carry. You need to buy such boats that are lightweight and that have a building of durable materials. Your boat should act resistant to abrasion and should have frames with powder-coating metal that have long durability.

2. Pockets and storage

When buying a pontoon boat, make sure they have plenty of storage compartments. When fishing extra storage and pockets play a vital role as it reduces the items you will have to carry in your bag.

If you are someone who carries a lot of fishing gear with you, plenty of storage areas may be very important for you. But, if you do not carry a lot of fishing gears, this may not be necessary. So make sure you look out for the pockets and storage capacity of your pontoon boats before buying one.

3. Capacity

Usually, most of the capacity of pontoon boat ranges between 300-400 Lbs which are single man fishing design. You can find pontoon boats that have a capacity of 600-700 Lbs. These are designed or two men fishing. So, make sure if you are fishing single or with some companion.

Pontoon boats may not work efficiently when the height of the boat is high. Even with the motor, it may not work properly if the workload is heavy.

4. Backrest

Most of the pontoon boats come with a backrest that is with design for your comfort. If you are spending your whole day fishing you may need proper comfort and adjustments, buy the ones that you will feel most comfortable with. It will be better if your boat provides you proper footrest as well.

An Outlook on Best Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats

Have you found your best pontoon boat now? I hope this review has helped you a lot to find the best inflatable fishing boat for you. The above-reviewed items are some of the best pontoon boats you will find in the market.

If you are looking for a float tube, I would suggest you buy any items of Classic Accessories, The Cumberland or Roanoke. There are many versions of Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats available in the market. But, if I were to pick one, my personal favorite would be Classic Accessories Cumberland that comes with improved tracking and steering system. It has well padding, durable and comfortable too.