Best Rod For Salmon Fishing

Are you going salmon fishing and thinking of buying a new rod for your adventure? Or is this your first time going fishing and you are searching for an appropriate rod? Then our article about the best rod for salmon fishing will be helpful for you.

We have made a list of the rods that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. When it comes to fishing, selecting the perfect rod is always a very hard choice.

You will see many fishing rods ranging from low to high quality in the markets. Deciding which rod to buy is always a complicated choice. So to make it easy Gears for Fishing has brought to you the Best rod for salmon fishing.

While buying a rod for salmon fishing you have to consider its quality, price, and many more factors. Also the type of rod you would like to buy as there are various types of rod. Such as spinning rod, trolling rod, baitcasting rod, saltwater rod, etc.

Keeping the above factors into consideration while searching for a perfect fishing rod. We have reviewed and listed some of the best rod for salmon fishing.

Best Rod For Salmon Fishing – Top 10 Reviews

We have selected some of the best rods for salmon fishing with good quality and high performance. You can know about them from our list below:

1. Perigee II Fishing Rod- KastKing

Kastking Perigee II Fishing Rods


Kastking delivers quality rods at an affordable price with high-class carbon fiber blank. They offer two fishing rods at the price of one. The spinning rod and baitcasting rod both come with two tip options. You can choose the tips between Medium and Medium Heavy or Medium and Medium light.

As for the fiber blank, they consist of Toray 24-ton carbon matrix Kast Flex Technology. You will find this blank powerful, accurate, and durable. It also consists of line guides from Fuji O-Ring, a world-class company. Along with high-strength reel seats made of tuned ergonomic graphite. And an attached hook holder from SAF-T-Keeper.

This rod transits smooth power wrapped with specialized computer control. This helps keep the power flowing on all four angles. Some power rods you can choose from are light rod, ultra-light fishing rod, medium rod, medium-heavy rod, or heavy rods.


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality components
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable grip
  • Accurate casting
  • durable


  • Breakable tips
  • Poor customer service
  • Tops are small near the eyes
  • No Case

Why do we recommend this product?

KastKing Perigee II provides a great quality spinning rod and baits catching rod at the best value. This is a two-piece rod that gives the feel of a one-piece rod.

The components are light and durable. And has spigot connections that are usually found in expensive rods. The connection is quite stable and smooth between the two pieces.

Also, the comfortable and secure grip gives an accurate casting with great flexibility. The tips are sensitive letting you know even with the slightest bit.

It is a perfect choice for salmon fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, and many more.

2. GX2 Casting Rod- Ugly Stik

GX2 Casting Rod- Ugly Stik


Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod is a great quality casting rod found at a very affordable price. The Ugly Stik GX2 casting rod has high durability.

The blank consists of graphite and fiberglass making it strong as well as sensitive at the same time. They have balanced these both components giving it a great finish.

As for guides they have used stainless steel with no insert pop-outs. And sensitive tips that deliver extra strength even with the lightest strike. While the EVA grips are lightweight making it easier to cast.


  • Sensitive tips
  • Very durable
  • Strong built-in
  • Affordable price


  • Short pole
  • Weak eyes

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod is a combination of heritage and tradition from the original rod. This rod is light to use and consists of advanced and eye-catching components.

This is a great rod with a pistol grip that is comfortable to handle. And the casting performance is accurate with high durability. You don’t have to worry about it breaking off as the rod has strong built-in parts.

The tips have nice sensitivity giving you the feel of even slightest touch. A high-quality rod found at a very affordable price.

3. Elite Spinning Fishing Rod- Ugly Stik

Elite Spinning Fishing Rod- Ugly Stik


The elite spinning fishing rod is one of the valued products of Ugly Stik. The Ugly Stik Elite series has 35% more graphite than the Ugly Stik GX2 series. Due to this the rod is lighter in weight and is more sensitive.

This is a 1 piece fishing rod that consists of stainless steel for guides. And has comfortable premium cork handles with clear tip design. Ugly Stik rods are famous for their toughness which is in this Elite spinning fishing rod as well.

This product is very durable with great casting performance.


  • Lightweight but tough
  • Sensitive tips
  • Awesome flexibility
  • Smooth cork design


  • Poor line quality
  • Poor quality blanks
  • Bit expensive
  • Not good for braided lines
  • Small reel seat

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The rods of Ugly Stiks are popular for their strong build and toughness. And this rod is no less, it keeps up to their name. It is light in weight but very strong with fewer chances of snapping.

The tips are sensitive and quite flexible. Also, the high-quality eyelets made up of stainless steel is another plus point of this rod. The casting performance is great. While the comfortable grip you get during lengthy actions is amazing.

The backbone is also good and can handle 1 to 2 oz sinkers with bait. And the soft feel of cork is very impressive as well.

4. Celilo Graphite Salmon Spinning Rod- Okuma

Celilo Graphite Salmon Spinning Rod- Okuma


Celilo Graphite Salmon Spinning rod is the best-valued product of Okuma. The product consists of high-quality materials that are very reliable. The blank consists of sensitive graphite inserted with an aluminum oxide guide.

The reel seats are covered with stainless steel and quality grade for cork grips in the fore and rear. This is a medium action rod perfect for fishing salmon and trout.


  • Medium action rod
  • Great price
  • Stainless steel
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Beautiful texture


  • No proper warranty service
  • Rod can snap with brute force

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Celilo series rod of the Okuma company has high-quality material in them. This rod helps to enhance your experience in Salmon fishing.

The blanks consist of graphite that helps maintain the sensitivity of this rod. And gives excellent feels with great casting performance in both fresh and saltwater.

It is a lightweight rod with a wonderful texture found at an affordable price. The cork grip is comfortable and has a stainless reel seat. Also, it is thin and overflowing with value.

It is a great choice if you are a beginner as this rod is easy to use. This medium rod has a line rating of 8 to 17 lb that launches sharp and long strikes. This is a get to go for surf fishing as well.

This rod was made with the sole purpose of catching salmon/ steelhead. It is quite flexible for throwing lures and float fishing.

5. Big water Fly Rod- Ugly Stik

Big water Fly Rod- Ugly Stik


Ugly Stik is a well-known company for manufacturing tough rods. And the Big Water fly rod is no less when it comes to toughness and dependability.

To construct the blanks they have combined graphite and fiberglass. It makes the rod strong as well as sensitive. And the stainless steel guides are durable that eliminate the insert pop-outs with SS snake guides.

Also, the Ugly Stik clear tips are put in for extra strength. As for the cork handle, they have used high-quality material to ease the grip. And this rod comes with a long-term warranty of 7 years.


  • The rod is strong
  • Blanks combines both graphite and fiberglass
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Eliminated insert pop-outs
  • Long-term warranty


  • Less sensitive
  • Very flexible

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The rods manufactured by Ugly Stik are of great value when it comes to toughness and reliability. While catching big fish you don’t have to worry about the rod breaking off.

Also, they are easy to use and have high-quality material used in this rod. The blank is combined with graphite and fiberglass to make it strong while keeping the sensitivity.

The rod is durable even when used with brute force in harsh conditions. Along with its strength, the rod also has stainless steel guides. Also, they have eliminated the insert pop-outs to provide more durability.

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6. Kenai Kwik Troll Rod- Lamiglas

Kenai Kwik Troll Rod- Lamiglas


Kenai Kwik troll rod is a product of Lamiglas that delivers moderate to heavy action cast. Lamiglas is a USA based company popular for its high-quality rods.

The rod consists of the highest quality component to enhance your fishing experience. These rods are made with premium handcraft equipment that has blanks composite of graphite and fiberglass.

This is a 2 piece rod rated for handling 15 to 30-pound test lines and 1 to 8-ounce trolling lures. These woven graphite handles consist of Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji reel seats.


  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • High-quality components
  • Premium handcrafted equipment
  • 2 piece rod
  • Fuji guides and reel seats
  • Easy to control


  • Bit expensive
  • Lengthy rod

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The Kenai Kwik Troll series is a popular brand of Lamiglas. The company uses high-quality components to construct the rod. It is a 2 piece rod that is travel friendly and easier to carry around.

It is a bit costly but the rod is worth the price. The guides and reel seats used in this rod belong to Fuji, a renowned company. This rod is a perfect choice for back trolling KwikFish and Maglips for Big Salmon. The equipment is handcrafted giving it an awesome texture.

It has a smooth finish with a comfortable cork grip. It is a moderate to heavy action rod giving a wonderful casting performance. The rod is long but still very easy to control.

7. Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rods – St. Croix

Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rods - St. Croix


Triumph Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rods by St. Croix are a slow action rod with the length of 10’6”. It is an ultra-light power rod that can handle 2 to 6 lbs line weight and 2-4 oz lure weight.

The blank consists of premium SCII graphite that gives high-performance at an affordable price. It also has Mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than common fiber.

Also, the premium-grade cork handle helps maintain a strong grip. Some other features are the Fuji DPS reel seat covered in frosted silver. The hard aluminum-oxide guides coated with black frames. And the two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure for finishing touch.


  • Lightweight, durable and sensitive
  • Ultra-light power
  • Slow action rod
  • Warranty and services
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great quality


  • Rod can break with brute force
  • Light tips

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Triumph Salmon and Steelhead spinning rod are very light in weight that are easy to carry around. The rod might be light but it is still durable and sensitive. The premium cork handle helps secure a strong grip in your Triumph spinning rod.

Even though the rod is light it has a great backbone that won’t go down without a fight. Also, the rod length makes long-distance cast easy. This a mid-budget rod that comes with good quality components.

It also has a 5 years warranty backed up by St. Croix Superstar service as well. Generally, the rod is light in weight but gives a high-end performance.

8. White Diamond Composite Trolling Rod- Okuma

White Diamond Composite Trolling Rod- Okuma


White Diamond Composite Trolling Rod is a great fishing rod found at a low price. The blanks consist of Carbon and Glass for long durability. This is a copper/ lead-core based tubular glass rod.

This is a medium action rod having durable non-skid and rubber gimbals. The rod consists of UFR and low profile stainless steel guide frames and inserts. The guides and reel seats are welded with stainless steel.

While the rod has white upper blanks for visibility and bites indicators. Also, the EVA foregrip is shaped triangular to prevent twisting. It is a 2 piece downrigger trolling rod having no roller tip.


  • Affordable price
  • Triangular shaped EVA foregrip
  • Durable non-skid
  • Flexible
  • Long durability


  • Line guides are thin
  • Breakable if jerked or snagged

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Okura is a great company that manufactures good quality fishing rods. The white diamond composite trolling rod is no less. This rod uses a downrigger device that helps place lures in desired depth.

This rod consists of a UFR that maximizes the rod’s strength and increases its lifting power. It might be thin but gives nice action and is quite strong. A good sporty rod at a great price.

The reel seats cushioned with stainless steel helps keep the reels in position. While the triangular foregrip provides comfort the whole day.

The rod has a white upper blank section to increase the visibility and bite indicator. The use of carbon and glass to construct the blanks helps maximize their durability. Okura provides a year warranty for this white diamond composite trolling rod.

9. Shakespeare Bigwater Spinning Rod- Ugly Stik

Shakespeare Bigwater Spinning Rod- Ugly Stik


Shakespeare Bigwater Spinning Rod is another popular product of Ugly Stik. This spinning rod is very durable and tough. It is designed to withstand the challenges faced in big water fishing.

The blanks are a combination of graphite and fiberglass that creates a strong yet sensitive rod. And, the clear tip design helps add extra strength and sensitivity to the tips.

As for the EVA foregrip, it is light in weight and provides a firm and comfortable handhold. Also, the guides hooded with stainless steel makes it corrosion resistance. Thus this rod can hold out against regular use in saltwater.

The rod does not consist of insert pop-outs and provides the most durability. This is one of the best rods found at a very affordable price. The length of this rod is about 12 ft that can hold line weight from 20 to 40 lb and lure of 3 to 8 Oz.


  • Durable and Tough
  • Great for big water fishing
  • Sensitive tips
  • Comfortable handhold
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Great casting distance


  • When blanks are wet it gets slippery
  • Thick foregrip

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The rods from Ugly Stik are popular for their toughness when it comes to catching big water fish. The rod is sturdy so you can catch huge fish without worrying about the pole snapping between the battle.

This rod ranges below the 100$ margin which is quite an affordable price for many. You are getting a high-quality rod at an excellent value.

The rod provides a great casting distance with accuracy. And has very sensitive tips that let you know even the lightest bite.

This rod is powerful yet sensitive and feels balanced at your hand. Also, the EVA grip is comfortable that helps you overcome hard fights and pull in the trophy catches. This rod is durable and dependable.

10. Torrent Baitcasting Rod- Piscifun

Torrent Baitcasting Rod- Piscifun


Torrent Baitcasting Rod by Piscifun is lightweight, sensitive, and durable. The rod consists of high-quality IM6 carbon. It wraps the guides at four different angles for better performance. The guides are then powered by an X-shaped high-temperature molding resin.

The torrent series rod is light in hand and has a pure power transition. The guides establish consistency and smooth power throughout the bend. Pure power transition gives you better control during long battles and strong hooksets.

They have used the O-seat design that has improved grip, no gaps, and less fatigue. Also, the anti line twist tip provides smooth casts. This is a fast action rod designed with anglers in mind.

Piscifun has installed high-end features in the torrent series. It includes smooth carbon blanks, EVA grips, tuned ergonomic graphite reel seat, and S style hook keeper.


  • Light, sensitive, and durable
  • Better control during a long battle with big fish
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great rod at affordable price
  • High-quality components
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Fragile tips

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Torrent Baitcasting rod includes high-quality components. This series rod is durable, light in weight, and sensitive. The stainless steel guides with titanium inserts is a great feature that attracts many anglers.

Also, the rod is very tough and it is quite hard to break. And the sensitivity is much better than many other rods of this price range.

The O-seat design increases the contact between the grip and palm that saves more energy while battling big fish. Also, the anti line tip makes the long-distance cast smooth.

The S shape hook holder eases the hooking and unhooking of the baits. A limited lifetime warranty and services from Piscifun in all their rods is a plus point.

Best Pick

All the products mentioned above are the best rod for salmon fishing. However, among them, I would recommend Perigee II fishing rods from Kastking. As this rod is powerful, durable, and accurate. You are getting two rods for a price of one.

Kastking has used high-quality components to finish this rod. They have given this rod a “bare and beautiful” texture. This rod is a great choice for bass fishing, salmon fishing, trout fishing, and many more.

They have stepped up their rod by using the latest technology to smooth the power and increase the casting performance. This rod is light in weight and comes at an affordable price which is a huge plus point.

Buying Guide

Are you a newcomer in the fishing world? Then selecting the best rod for salmon fishing can be confusing. As there are many fishing rods available in the market that can confuse beginners.

Planning on going salmon fishing but have no idea about what rod to purchase? Then, let our Buying guide help you know more about things you should consider while purchasing a rod.

Few things to consider while searching for a perfect rod are given below:

Choosing the Length

The first thing to consider is the length of the rod. The length of the rod ranges from 4 to 14 ft. You should buy a rod depending on where and what you will be fishing.

Short length rod is a great choice if you are planning to catch big fishes. As shorter rods are great for short-distance cast and use lightweight lures. They are less sensitive due to which it is a perfect rod when battling huge fishes. The fishes can not bend the rod too much due to its length.

Longer rods are good for the long-distance cast as you can fish by sitting in the shorelines. But a longer rod needs a heavy lure for casting. They are lengthy so you will be needing open and wide space to use them. Also, longer rods are disassembled into several pieces to make them easier to carry around.

However, for salmon fishing, it is better to carry 8 to 10 ft rods as it increases casting and is light in weight.

Choose the reel

You should know that you will be needing a specific reel for a specific rod. You can’t mismatch them. There are two types of reel Baitcasting and Spinning.


A baitcasting reel uses advanced technology and is mainly used by professionals. You need a lot of practice to master them. They are expensive but have a better ability and line capacity than spinning reels. Baitcasting is light in weight and provides an amazing drag. They require a heavy lure for this reel.


A spinning reel is a great choice for beginners as they are not as complicated as the baitcasting reel. They come at an affordable price and are very easy to use. They are accurate and much smoother. This reel is a great choice for salmon fishing whether you are a professional or beginner.

Rod Action

Rod action refers to the flexibility of the rod. You should know how much the rod can bend and how flexible it is. The rod action is divided into 3 class Fast action, Medium action, and Slow action.

The fast action rod is stiff and bends from the tip. While the medium action rod is flexible only in the tips and middle. As for the slow action rod, they are the most flexible in comparison to the other two.

However, a fast or medium action rod is a great choice for salmon fishing.

Choosing a Bait

Choosing a bait is not an easy task, you should have proper knowledge and experience for this. While going salmon fishing it is better to use roe(egg) for more success. But you can use cut bait too which is using a strip of fish.

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