Best Saltwater Wading Boots Reviews | Buying Guidelines

Best Saltwater Wading Boots Intro: Fly fishing looks very technical and complicated but is tilted more towards the fun spectrum. You never know how fun it is until you try it for yourself.

On an important note, you must always remember to gear up properly if you are going for some exciting fly fishing adventure. Among several gears needed for fly fishing including fly rods and reels, you also need a pair of wading boot. The wading boot is a necessary gear to protect your feet when you are out in the water.

And if you are going for fly fishing on your next holiday, don’t forget to check out these details regarding best saltwater wading boots.

Depending upon the materials used, grip it provides, and the option to add new cleats to increase traction, there are a vast array of saltwater wading boots available in the market. Felt wading boots and rubber wading boots are the everyday boots you can find right now.

Some brand has rubber sole while other prefers felt sole in their wading boots. Honestly, it is a confusing and challenging task to get familiar with the pros/cons of each type of wading boot.

But Worry Not my pal, I am right here to save you from a day of research of saltwater wading boots.

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Please take your time and follow through the list below to find out your ideal and budget saltwater wading boot.

Best Saltwater Wading Boots Reviews [Top 10] for 2021

1. Korkers Greenback Wading Boot

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot review


Korkers offers one of the best wading boots with Greenback boot. The real deal is that it provides both types of soles which are felt and rubber. Considering the terrain and surface, you can easily change your sole to fit in the surrounding.

The package comes with plain felt sole and a Kling-on sticky rubber soles. There is the availability of sizes from 7 to 14.

Similarly, the use of hydrophobic materials ensures the boots get dried up faster. This is done to prevent the transferring of species from one water to another.

Likewise, the Korkers uses OmniTrax 3.0 interchangeable sole system. With such a system, one can easily change the soles of their boots anywhere in a matter of a few minutes. Such a sole interchangeable system covers effective performance in all surfaces. The rubber sole gives you the grip if you need to hike near the river stream. On the contrary, felt sole is more about providing excellent traction in the river.

Additionally, the boot has internal channels to dry out the water and maintain its original weight.

More than 75% 5-star rating on Amazon should give you a clear idea of the dynamic and usability of this rubber and felt wading boot. It is among the best wading boots of 2018 and 2019. It can also be considered as one of the best saltwater wading boots for the money.


  • Interchangeability of soles
  • Use of hydrophobic materials for fast dry
  • Efficient control in water and on the surface nearby
  • Serves the dual purpose of grip underwater and on the land
  • Durable
  • Good design
  • Internal channels to dry boot


  • Felt soles transfer several species from one water to another

2. Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boot

Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot review


Similar to Korkers’ Greenback, Devils Canyon is another favorite and most used saltwater wading boots. It is a size 15 wading boot and is available in a small size of 11,10 and 9. With sturdy construction, this is one of the most robust saltwater wading boots available in the market right now.

The omniTrax interchangeable sole system allows you to change your soles according to the requirement. Subsequently, you have access to Kling-On and Studded Kling-On Outsoles wading boot on the go.

Moreover, with the integration of large drainage ports and internal midsole drainage channels, your boot remains pretty dry.

Similarly, Devil’s canyon wading boot is extremely lightweight, which ensures the top-notch performance. With it, you can be sure about the light and quick movement.

If you think that’s all, don’t rush to conclude my friend because there is more this boot has to offer.

The quick on and off lacing has never been so easy with the M2 Boa Lacing System. Likewise, the use of hydrophobic materials reduces the transferring of invasive species from one water to another.

Some more features include recessed triple-stitched uppers and molded toe cap and rubberized anti-abrasion material.

On the other side, you need to dig your pocket deep because it is expensive. But I prefer it because its pros outshine the cons.

Conclusively, all I can say is this wading boot is designed to offer a significant optimization to maintain excellent traction in the water. All these features and specifications make it one of the best saltwater wading boots.


  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Quick on and off M2 Boa lacing system
  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Kling-on and studded Kling-on outsole
  • Hydrophobic materials to keep boots dry and reduce transferring of invasive species


  • Pretty expensive

3. Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe

Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe review


With more than 85 % of 4-star and a 5-star rating, Hodgman Neoprene Wading boot is a flat saltwater wading boot. In a swift glance, the boot looks pretty similar to Shimano flats wading boot. But these wading boots are made by different companies and has features distinctive to each other.

It has a 3.5 mm neoprene upper sole. Alongside, it also has an outsole that is made from rubber with extra toe protection. This ensures a sufficient grip over the rough and slippery water surface.

What do you ask for in functional wading boots? A GOOD GRIP SOLE right?

With Hodgman’s Neoprene Wading boot, you’ve got it. The excellent grip sole is often praised by most customers and reviewers as its primary element in being an excellent wading boot. Despite not being a felt wading boot, it has pretty excellent traction on the slippery rocks.

Furthermore, with the YKK durable zipper, the quick and easy entry/exit and durability is never a doubt. Around the upper heel, it also has a Cuff adjustment. The price being pretty cheap is nothing but the cherry on the top.

The major problem with this boot is that the size of the boots is not accurate. So, I suggest you buy a little bigger size than you usually wear. Still, it makes it into the list of best saltwater wading boots due to its unique features.


  • Good traction in the water
  • Tight sealing and protection
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Toe protection
  • Comes at a lower price
  • Well constructed


  • Incorrect sizing

4. Chota Outdoor Gear Wading Boots, STL Plus Boots – WW355

Chota Outdoor Gear Wading Boots, STL Plus Boots - WW355 review


Chota outdoor gears present STL plus boot which falls under the mid-price range category. Diving right into its features, its upper part is made from genuine leather. In addition to it, the upper part has large micro-screen drain ports to keep the water out from the boot itself.

Those ports also block sand and gravel from entering the boots.

Additionally, this felt wading boot also has rubber cleat bases. These bases are made specially to add external cleats to add more grip if needed.

Similarly, the quick lacing system allows you to run into the water without having to waste time. But the use of elastic laces or the thinner laces in a newer version of boots is not liked by all as they are prone to breaking sooner.

The lower part of this boot is made from polypropylene felt sole. This gives proper traction in the unpredictable and slippery terrains underwater.

Moreover, the Cushy PU midsole in this felt wading boots allows comfort and reduces stress from your feet.

Because of its functionality, this saltwater wading boot was among the top list of best wading boots 2018.


  • Option to add cleats with rubber cleat bases
  • Stress-free feet with Cushy PU midsole
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable


  • Elastic laces are not the best
  • Price is not the cheapest which can be a big deal for starters

5. Orvis Encounter Wading Boots, Felt Only

Orvis Encounter Wading Boots, Felt Only review


This particular model from Orvis is limited to Felt sole only. If you are really into rubber sole, you can get one with rubber only sole too. But because of the functionality and popularity of felt sole, I had to include this felt wading boot from Orvis’ Encounter brand.

Orvis’ Encounter felt wading boot is more about giving that extra grip in the variant surface underwater. Depending on the location (i.e. beach or coastal area or the rocky surface), the traction of a wading boot is felt. But with this felt wading boot from Orvis, you don’t have to deal with the problem of grip under the water.

On the downside, this boot won’t be the right choice if you choose to hike nearby areas. Although it does a decent job, the rubber sole is more suitable for such a purpose.

It is the best entry level wading boot. So, if you are a beginner, this is a perfect option for you. The price is not that high and is very reasonable for what it offers. Similarly, it has scratch rubber toe cap for extra protection.


  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Best entry level felt wading boot
  • Traction is great
  • Good quality
  • Increases foot grip


  • Felt only sole- cannot interchange it with rubber sole
  • Must wear heavier socks as it is a little wider

6. K-5 Bomber w/ Felt and Kling-On Outsoles

K-5 Bomber w/ Felt and Kling-On Outsoles review


K-5 Bomber is another brand from Korkers. Korkers do some outstanding job in providing a broad array of options to its customers to choose from.

So the question is What Do You Get From K-5 Bomber?

The answer is pretty long. So, I suggest you take your time to get familiar with its features.

First and foremost, it has the Korkers’ most used OmniTrax 3.0 Interchangeable sole system. With such a system, you can change between a plain Felt sole and a Kling-on Sticky rubber sole. So no more worries about running wild in the water and enjoying a nearby hike land because its interchangeable system offers the grip that you always imagined in the water/land.

Similarly, it has a 5-Ply Fit system which is tuned to fit your toes in place with great comfort.

What’s More?

This felt wading boot also has enhanced midsole and a triple layer synthetic upper part. Alongside, it has a bunch of important features like protected stitching, a 3D molded toe, and heel cap. Consequently, you get a sturdy and durable rubber/felt wading boot making it obvious on the list of best saltwater wading boots.

The price on the other side is pretty high. But with such premium quality, that’s the factor you have to consider.


  • Durable
  • Interchangeable sole system
  • The grip is maintained in water and on land
  • Comfortable feet position with a great fit
  • Premium build


  • Expensive

7. Duck and Fish Neoprene Flat Wading Shoe

Duck and Fish Neoprene Flat Wading Shoe review


Duck and Fish’s Neoprene flat wading boots are among the best-rated boots and is often compared with Shimano flats wading boots. Although there is a slight difference in what both of them has to offer, both serve great when you are out there fly fishing.

Among the others on this list, this flat wading boot is the cheapest and most affordable. So, if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend big bucks on your first go, this is the one you should purchase. With such price and features it offers, I have to say this is among the best saltwater flats wading boots for the money.

Let’s dive into its features and specifications.

The upper part is made from durable nylon material and has a 5 mm neoprene construction. Similarly, it has valcro and loop strap to adjust the fit on your ankle. Unlike the lacing system, it comes with a YKK side zipper to quickly put the boot on and off.

In spite of it having a proper zipper system, many complaints of it being harder to put it on and off. But once you put it on, it is pretty comfortable.

Let’s talk about the most crucial part; the sole. The outsole is made from rubber and is threaded to ensure the grip. Additionally, it has a reinforced rubber vamp and heel. So, next time you go out with this boot, you will have an excellent grip on your feet which makes it listed on the list of best saltwater wading boots.


  • Comfortable and fits well
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Right quality product in such a low price


  • No specialized drainage system
  • Hard to put on and off despite a sound zipper system

8. ForEverlast Reef Boots

ForEverlast Reef Boots review


Among several other premium saltwater wading boots, this comes at an affordable price. Reef wading boot is pretty tough and is durable. This particular model from ForEverlast is a Ray-Guard Reef boot.

On an important note, this wading boot has 4 layers of vulcanized rubber. Such tiers of layer ensure the protection of your leg from the rough underwater terrains. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that it is lightweight and offers exceedingly great and efficient performance.

Voila, with such amazing features and an affordable price, this is an excellent option for all the coastal anglers out there. Most people often use it as beachwear while trying some fly fishing.

With a variety of sizes, this Reef boot is a size 15 wading boot and is also available in smaller sizes from 9 to 14.

Alongside Shimano’s flat wading boot, this boot is among the best flat wading boots available right now.


  • Affordable price
  • Robust and sturdy hard rubber sole
  • Suitable for beach wear
  • Option to add Ray-Guard shield to add an extra layer of protection
  • Comfortable design
  • Lightweight


  • Lacks any proper drainage system

9. Redington Skagit River Wading Boot Sticky Rubber

Redington Skagit River Wading Boot Sticky Rubber review


Right away from Redington, you get a handy Skagit River wading boot. It is among the best saltwater wading boots of 2018 and 2019 chosen by the customers.

Having a padded collar, the Skagit river wading boot makes sure that you feel comfortable on your ankle. This adds relaxation to your feet.

Likewise, it has Webbing pull loops, which makes it easy to put the boot on and off. Moreover, this stud compatible wading boot provides the option to add some cleats.

It is essential to have a system to keep the inside of your boots dry. For that reason, the Redington has installed a Mesh panel to drain the water out.

With the rubber toe cap, it adds that extra abrasion resistance. This frankly ensures that you maintain your grip in the water throughout the whole time.


  • Stud compatibility
  • Easy to put on/off with webbing pull loops
  • Mesh panel keeps the boots dry
  • Comfortable ankle support
  • Price is cheaper in comparison to other wading boots


  • Problem of corrosion in grommets ( lace holder)
  • Falling apart of lace holder in some case

10. SHIMANO Flats Wading Boots

SHIMANO Flats Wading Boots review


Among all these best Saltwater Wading Boots, Shimano’s flats wading boot is among the top priority for anglers out there. It has a belt loop system to prevent the water from flowing inside the boot. Trust me, that works well and will keep you dry.

Unlike other wading boots which has a lace system, it has a zipper. The zipper is made from nylon and is corrosion resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged any time soon.

Shimano flat wading boot is one of the most loved wading boots which has a spine-resistant bottom sole. Eventually, this gives pretty good traction to your feet in the water.

Shimano flats wading boot is a fantastic product which comes at a super affordable price range. The design is simple and looks great. In addition to looking great, its design also allows a comfortable fit.

On the dark side, a couple of customer complaint of the breaking of the zipper but that is only in some rare cases.

This flat wading boot is made from a vulcanized rubber material. Similarly, the construction of this boot also includes the use of neoprene, which is pretty renowned in this industry.


  • Comfortable and fits well
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip in the water
  • Corrosion resistant nylon zipper system


  • Breaking of the zipper in the rare case

Guidelines for Buying Best Saltwater Wading Boots

Sole Type

Wading boots come in mainly two sole types: rubber and felt. The rubber sole is more suitable if you plan to hike around nearby your fishing spot. It gives that extra grip and traction on the grassy, slipper land with gravel.

While felt wading boots are more ideal to underwater traction. In addition, it works superior to rubber sole against the slippery or rugged terrains underwater. Some shoes offer interchangeable options to change between both types of soles.

But some limits the user to its restriction.

Each sole type can perform decently in each others’ area, but it is wise to remember what each sole is made for.

On an important note, you must remember that felt wading boots are banned in many states in the U.S. and New Zealand. It’s because several species, including algae and others, get attached to felt soles. Subsequently, such invasive species can contaminate other waters when you fish in other waters.

Drainage system

An ideal saltwater wading boot should have a proper drainage system to keep the water out. Many wading boots offer well-designed drainage channels or ports to keep your feet dry.

But some do not have any specialized drainage channel. So, take care of that when you buy your next wading boot.

Sizing and Comfortability

A good cushion system on the ankle is always a significant part of maintaining your comforts. Such cushion allows your feet to be stress-free.

Likewise, the size of the boot also matters. Also, the size mentioned is not always the same as the actual size. So, you should check out the description for size-related details. Also, some boots are extra wide in which case you might have to wear thick socks.

Toe Protection

It is normal to smash your toe with sharp-edged rocks under the water. Therefore, a good saltwater rubber/felt wading boot should always have a toe protection design.

My outlook on Best Saltwater Wading Boots

Personally, if I am to buy a saltwater wading boot, I want to ensure it has the most of the features. In the same manner, I also look for a rubber/felt wading boots. The reason behind it is that I want that flexibility to maintain the top-notch grip in the water and on land.

Therefore, I prefer the Korkers’ Greenback Wading Boot.

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