Best Underwater Fishing Lights

If you love fishing, you would know that fishing requires two things in abundance. The first is patience, and the second is practice. Some fishing days can be quite frustrating when you can’t find a good catch. A great underwater fishing light helps you cast your line at any time of the day or night.

The fishing light also attracts baitfish, which in turn attract a larger fish. This process not only makes fishing easy but makes it a pleasant experience. Various factors need careful consideration before you choose the best underwater fishing light.

An underwater fishing light will give you added visibility and makes aids in your fishing. The light should be very bright, waterproof, and well built. You can venture out to fishing in even darkest of nights and extremist of conditions thanks to these submersible lights. Each colour, whether it is green, blue, or white, has its specific target. The light should be portable but heavy enough to sink on its own.

Here are the ten best submersible fishing lights available in the market. Along with their detailed review, we have also provided a comparative table and a guideline to ease your purchase decision. Read further to find our verdict on the best underwater fishing light for you.

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Best Underwater Fishing Lights in 2019

Name of the ProductLumen RatingColoursNo of LEDsImagePrice
Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Underwater Fishing Light900Muti-colors180Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Underwater Fishing Light review Check Price
Amarine-made 1000 Lumens IP68 Underwater Fishing Light1000Green180Amarine-made 1000 Lumens IP68 Underwater Fishing Light review Check Price
Green Blob Outdoors Dock 750015000Green300Green Blob Outdoors Dock 7500 review Check Price
Firewater Marine 12V Maxx LED Underwater Submersible Light10000Green300Firewater Marine 12V Maxx LED Underwater Submersible Light review Check Price
Goture 12v LEDs Submersible Fishing Light900Muti-colors180Goture 12v LEDs Submersible Fishing Light reviwe Check Price
Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure-Green2 LED packsGlow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure review Check Price
Samdo IP68 Underwater Fishing Lamp1080Muti-colors180Samdo IP68 Underwater Fishing Lamp review Check Price
Supernight 600 LEDs Underwater Fishing Light-Muti-colors600Supernight 600 LEDs Underwater Fishing Light review Check Price
Bright Night Fishing Underwater Light.15000Green300Bright Night Fishing Underwater Light. review Check Price
Apollointech 5000 lumens IP685000Green-Apollointech 5000 lumens IP68 review Check Price

1. Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Underwater Fishing Light

Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Underwater Fishing Light review

The Lightingsky submersible is one of the most popular and super efficient underwater fishing light in the market. It’s an extremely bright light that will attract fish, prawns, and squids based on the type of colour you choose. It is available in three distinct colours of green, blue and white. Squids are more attracted to the green LEDs, whereas krills are more attracted to the blue LEDs. The white LED is a general purpose fishing light.

The most exciting feature of this light is that it can shine in all directions and give you 360-degree access. The lighting can run up to 50000 hours on continuous use. It has a total brightness of 900 lumens. It can efficiently run on an extra low battery. It has the full power of 12 volts or 10.8 watts.

The lighting sky submersible is ranked #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller list. It has an excellent rating of 4 out of 5 based on 240 user reviews. The price is also comparatively on the lower side as compared to other products in the range. Overall, the lighting sky is a great underwater fishing light with excellent value for money.



  • Available in three colours
  • Five-sided light
  • High Brightness of 900 lumens
  • 50000+ hours of continuous use
  • Extremely Efficient (12 volts, 10.8 watts)


  • Some users reported issues of a leak
  • Gets fogged up frequently


2. Amarine-made 1000 Lumens IP68 Underwater Fishing Light

Amarine-made 1000 Lumens IP68 Underwater Fishing Light review

Amarine-made is one of the most reputed brands that produce different varieties of fishing gears and marine products. This product comes in two, white and green. It is a six-sided light and provides maximum coverage under water. The LED lights used makes the battery consumption very minimal. The built-in lead weight makes the light submerge through great depths called the “deep-drop”.

The Amarine-made LED throws a bright green halo light, attracting batfish. The batfish then attracts other more abundant species of fish. This light has an expected run of 50000+ hours. The brightness is at 1000 lumens. It runs eight times compared to any Halogen light. Heavy duty power cord used makes this extremely durable. It is one of the least expensive underwater fishing light in this list.

The Amarine-made light is strong, durable, well-built. It is ranked #2 on Amazon’s Best Sellers List with mostly positive reviews. Overall, Amarine-made underwater fishing light assists in your fishing adventure by great lengths.


  • 1000 lumens brightness
  • Six-sided light
  • Built-in Lead weight
  • Heavy duty power cord
  • Attracts batfish followed by larger fish


  • Stiff Cord
  • Some users complained of lights shorting out after use


3. Green Blob Outdoors Dock 7500

Green Blob Outdoors Dock 7500 review

The Green Blob offers exciting features like the brightness of whooping 15000 Lumen. This fantastic feature attracts a lot of fishes in the water. It also increases the visibility in the water by two folds. It has unique added 300 LED lights that attract all small and large varieties of fish. The spectacular green coloured light exerted is its speciality.

The light is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. The blob uses any household electrical plug and uses 110V AC power. It is ideal for 50000+ hour of continuous use 24/7. It has a rating of IP68 and can last for a couple of days with a fully charged battery. The total diameter of the device is 16 inches.

The Green Blob is quite an expensive fishing light hence not suitable for casual anglers. The lamp is for fishers who need to use the light regularly. Overall, the Green Blob can be a good investment for fishers who want to fish regular and at any environments.


  • 15000 lumens of brightness
  • 110V AC power
  • Good Battery
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use


  • Price slightly on the higher side
  • Some users complained about the brightness
  • Gets heated often


4. Firewater Marine 12V Maxx LED Underwater Submersible Light

Firewater Marine 12V Maxx LED Underwater Submersible Light

Firewater Marine is an American made underwater fishing light with great features. It is a budget option quite popular among anglers. It has a rating of four-star out of five in Amazon. The ultra-bright halo of green light attracts baitfish and, which in turn attracts other large fishes. The brightness of the device is an astounding 10000 lumens.

A special sealant present makes this light usable in both saltwater and freshwater. There are a total of 300 LED bulbs in this light. The American design has a massive gland and a unique marine cable. It is ideal fishing light for docks, piers, and boats in both saltwater and freshwater.

An exclusive 60-day warranty makes Firewater Marine quite appealing. Ten thousand lumens of brightness makes fishing at night and underwater quite a pleasing experience. Since the product is American made the quality is not compromised. It is a heavy duty build and is quite durable.

It has a spectacular rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. A total of 87 % of its users have rated it five stars. Firewater Marine is an absolute delivers on all accounts.


  • 10000 lumens of “Green Lantern” brightness
  • American made
  • Presence of a special sealant
  • 60-day warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • Some users complaint of the seal
  • Bulb is dull


5. Goture 12v LEDs Submersible Fishing Light

Goture 12v LEDs Submersible Fishing Light review

The Goture is an outstanding underwater fishing light for saltwater. The weighted lead inbuilt design makes it superior to other fishing lights at this range. It has an excellent penetrative ability and can submerge to a depth of 7.5 meters. It has a five-sided view that gives 360-degree accessibility.

Waterproof, high-quality rubber seals the Goture. It is resistant and corrosion proof. It can withstand heavy use, wear, and tear. One of the exciting aspects of the Goture is that it can set off a perfect reaction. As the light submerges in the water, the small fishes and baitfish get attracted to it. This, in turn, attracts larger fish like white sharks, bass, etc.

The Goture is a mid-price range option and rated favourably by its users. It has a modest rating of four out of five on Amazon. The power consumption is quite minimal, which makes the Goture an eco-friendly device.


  • Sealed with a high-quality rubber
  • Ultra waterproof and resistant proof
  • Low energy consumption, eco- friendly
  • Corrosion Proof


  • Battery unavailable in purchase
  • Some users complained of excessive heating


6. Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure

Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure review

If you love fishing in the night, you will love Glow Lion. With this excellent device at your disposal, you can fish in pond, lake or even the sea. This fishing has a deep sea ability and can light up in the incredible depth of 2100 meters. This feature makes it stand out among the list of its competitors.

It has a pack of two LED lights which you can attach to the fishing line. The two lines use coin cell batteries. The twin lights give two folds brightness together, or you can split it with your fishing buddy. External batteries are not required.

A fishing hook gets attached at its end. This will attract smaller bait fishes. Large fish like bass that feeds off these little fishes are instantly drawn to it. Hence, you will get a continuous and exciting fishing experience.

Glow Lion’s simplicity and ease of use make it a must for anglers. It gives best results while squid fishing.



  • Deep sea capability
  • Waterproof up to 2100m
  • Coin cell batteries, no external battery required
  • Versatile


  • Quality may vary from unit to unit
  • Some users complained about its durability


7. Samdo IP68 Underwater Fishing Lamp

Samdo IP68 Underwater Fishing Lamp review

The Samdo is a very versatile addition to this list of best underwater fishing light. It can catch a variety of fish in different environments. This light is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. It can catch fish in a pond, lake, or the sea. For all these reasons, Samdo IP68 is a versatile underwater fishing light.

An experienced angler would know that the different colours on the fishing light attract diverse species of fish. Greenlight attracts squid and other small fishes, whereas the blue light attracts shrimp. The white light is for general fishing purpose. This unique yellow light attracts a larger species of marine life. Purple and red coloured lights are a recent addition. The Samdo IP68 is available in all the colours mentioned above.

For such a versatile lamp, it has a modest price. The IP68 Underwater Fishing Lamp is a well built, and convenient to use. If you are looking for an underwater fishing light at a budget, this could be your best choice.



  • Versatile
  • Available in six colours
  • Used in freshwater or saltwater
  • Well built


  • Some users complained about the bulb shorting out
  • Water leak reports


8. Supernight 600 LEDs Underwater Fishing Light

Supernight 600 LEDs Underwater Fishing Light review

The brand Supernight means uncompromised quality. Supernight 600 LEDs is technically not a fishing gear, but anglers who have used this product have given this product a double thumbs up. Supernight 600 LEDs is an LED light strip used by fishers as an alternative strategy of catching their fish. It is flexible, self-adhesive and powered by leads at both ends.

The length of the strip is 16 foot and charged with a 12-volt battery. 600 LEDs produce a lot of bright light at meagre power consumption. Fishers usually attach the light strip along the length of the boat. This attracts the baitfish followed by larger species of fish. The light strip can drop down into great depths like an underwater light.

This light has a lifespan of 50000+ continuous hours. It has a low temperature and low power consumption. The strip is cuttable at the scissor mark and joined using the self-adhesive tape. Supernight 600 is a versatile and efficient underwater light strip that will be fruitful if you want to try creative strategies to fish.



  • Flexible Strip
  • Long life span
  • Self-adhesive
  • Extremely bright
  • Inexpensive
  • Cuttable and joinable


  • Tricky to use


9. Bright Night Fishing Underwater Light

Bright Night Fishing Underwater Light. review

The Bright Night Fishing underwater Light is another excellent addition to the list. It has an astounding brightness level of 15000 lumens. This is a LED powered light and has a total of 300 LED lights in it. It provides 35 ft diameter of are coverage. It doesn’t require any extra weight and sinks to great depths quite easily. It runs on a standard 12v battery, the bright night has an excellent lifespan and can run continuously for up to 43 hours without overheating.

The bright night comes in a striking green colour that attracts all kinds of fish but doesn’t attract bugs. The end caps are black. You can run this device on a minimum 12v battery or battery pack. Industrial PVC and high-quality plastic is the material used.

The lights are watertight with a special sealant. It can be used in fishing boats, docks, piers, etc. The Bright Night light is well built, durable and has an innovative design and could be an excellent addition to your list of fishing gears.


  • 15000 Lumens of brightness
  • The 12V battery doesn’t require generators
  • Area coverage of 35m diameter
  • Innovative Design
  • Well built and Durable


  • Price slightly on the higher side
  • Quality may vary from unit


10. Apollointech 5000 lumens IP68

Apollointech 5000 lumens IP68 review

The Apollointech boasts an astounding brightness of 5000 lumens at just three amps per hour. It uses a standard 12v battery. The dominant green glow draws in a lot of baitfish, which in turn attracts larger varieties of fish. Made from industry standard PVC, the device is durable and well built. It is entirely watertight, and no leaks are possible.

The Apollo intech brand values its customers and has incredible customer service. Its representatives are friendly, are knowledgeable. They provide a prompt replacement in case of the damaged product and also deliver repair facilities.

The Apollo intech doesn’t require any extra weight to sink into great depths. It is completely submersible, and a special sealant makes it waterproof. This mid-budget light is durable, bright, efficient, and has excellent customer service. All these exciting features make this fishing light a superb investment. This underwater fishing light will be a worthy addition to your fishing gear.


  • Good value for money
  • Incredible brightness of 5000 Lumens
  • Fairly priced
  • Great customer service
  • Energy efficient


  • Gets fogged up easily
  • Some users complained of battery life


Guidelines for Buying the Best Underwater Fishing Light


The level of intensity of brightness is a crucial factor for deciding the best underwater light for fishing. Lumen ratings are used to measure brightness level. The primary standard for a great underwater fishing light is 800 lumens. Some lights also give you the brightness of 900, 1000 or even more.


An excellent underwater fishing light should be of balanced weight. The weight should light so that it can be carried around easily(portable) but heavy enough to sink on its own.


The colour is probably the most critical feature that you should consider while buying a fishing light. Each colour has its specific targets. The most commonly used green colour attracts squids and other small fish. The blue light attracts. The yellow, on the other hand, attracts large marine species. Lastly, the white light is a general fishing purpose light and is not as quite strong as the specific lights,

Lumen ratings

A lumen is a measurement unit which measures the amount of visible light emitted by a source. You should not fall to attractive packaging that promotes the highest brightness but always check the lumen ratings.

Type of light

There are three types of light available in the market

Covered lights: The covered lights are a safe and secure bit also quite expensive. Even though they are quite expensive, these lights do not produce the brightest lights.

Uncovered lights: These lights used the same system as traditional halogen bulbs. They don’t require maintenance and are most commonly used. They are however not as long lasting as LED lights.

LED lights: LED lights run more than 50000 hours. These lights do not require heavy energy to produce bright lights. They are getting favorite day by day because of its comparative advantage to the traditional light.


The price is the most integral part of any purchase decision making. There are various budget, mid-level and high price range on our compiled list and you can choose the best light as per your requirement.

The verdict

It is an arduous task to choose from the above underwater lights as the best one fishing. All the fishing lights given above are quite good and have their standpoints. After considering factors like the brightness level, type of bulbs, portability, colour availability, and the price we have concluded that the best pick would be “Lightingsky Lumens LED Submersible Underwater Fishing Light.” It is ultra efficient light available in three distinct colours and one of the least expensive available in the market. Hence lighting sky makes for an excellent value for money and is our top pick.

Besides, If you want to try creative ways to catch you fish, you can try Supernight 600 LED Underwater fishing light Supernight 600 LED Underwater fishing light. It is a flexible LED strip that can make fishing an exciting experience for you.