Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo Review

Nothing can be tougher than choosing a right fly combo when shopping for fishing essentials. Each brand has configured its own fly combs of so many series and sizes that it’s nearly impossible for anglers to come up with one favorite. Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo is one of them.

But on the bright side, fishers have multiple options to choose from and all they need to do is downsize the list. Just a little thought and proper planning can help one get a top-grade fly combo which eases fishing.

Despite this, if it’s still hard for you to get the best fly combo then let’s put it straight, go and get yourself Cabela’s Bighorn. It’s one of the finest fly combos in the fishing world with every gear tested and proven for greatness.

Everything about Cabela’s bighorn puts a smile on angler’s face, be it pro trout fisherman or amateur. Technically Bighorn is a beast with a high-strength fly rod, flexible line and smooth reel which can be converted to retrieve in both directions left and right.

It has an adaptable drag system that controls brake and restrains fish from drawing all the backing even under pressure. Weighted forward floating fly line and backing is made available with the fly combo which gets the job pretty smoothly. That’s probably one of the reasons why Cabela’s bighorn fly combo review is so good.

Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo

Cabela's Bighorn Fly Combo

Cabela’s must be proud of its little star Bighorn Fly Combo as it transcends all the string of fly sets in the market. It has upped the ante in the fly fishing business with Bighorn which is a mixed bag of all fine essentials.

The brands’ 57 years of consistent analysis and excellence in making gears can be witnessed through the Bighorn fly rod. Its fishing rod is so smooth in a performance that anglers of all skills can play it to perfection in no time.

Must say Cabela has done a great job in assembling the combo set as each piece excels in features and performance. The quality of the fly rod is of course, the reason behind its rising fame.

But Bighorn’s presentation is just as good as its standard with a slim blank and strong tip. The rod is constructed from 24-ton graphite fiber which is relatively lighter than the fiberglass. It’s firm and generates more vibration to channel through the rod and pre-alert anglers.

Cabela’s bighorn fly combo may look delicate but it’s designed to be stiff and can support big fish like trout and pike. The fishing rod is tough, enough to stand every water condition and has good flex for novice to start fly fishing easily. It features GI technology blanks from Cabela to resist harsh water conditions and provide modest action.

The stainless steel tip-top and hook keeper of Bighorn ensures its durability and untimely snap. To prevent the rod from corrosion, Cabela has instilled zirconium stripping guides in the rod. It also has a premium Grade-A cork handle to absorb the fluid and offer a secured grip to fishers.

Retrieving the line with the bighorn’s fishing reel is really quick as it features Rulon’s disc drag system. A large arbor is used to prepare the reel by Cabela so that anglers don’t have to keep rolling the line.

The reel helps increase the drag pressure steadily after pulling the line and ease its memory without any tangle. Remember the fishing reel doesn’t come separate so be careful with the Cabela’s bighorn fly rod combo.


  • Highly sensitive and durable
  • Outstanding value for the price
  • Features cork handle to avoid moisture and maintain excess heat
  • Lightweight with 4 premier rod pieces
  • Large arbor fly reel for fast retrieval
  • High-standard smooth guides
  • Ergonomic rod design
  • Weight forward floating fly line is added to the set


  • Delivered defective reels complain user
  • Flies are excluded from the combo

Cabela's Bighorn Fly Combo

Why pick Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Combo over other fly combos?

It’s so impractical to come with one single reason for why to choose Cabela’s bighorn fly combo when there is so much of it. The fly combo is one high-end fishing assortment stuffed with a 90 ft fly line, graphite fishing rod, and arbor reel of large size.

The rod of Bighorn is crafted from graphite and chrome-encrusted stainless steel snake guides which allows large knots to get through easily. Even at its most reasonable price, Cabela offers Rulon’s disc drag washer for smooth spool and braking.

Cabela’s fishing rod comes in different line weights from 3 to 8. The size 3 line weight is perfect for catching trouts while size 8 can be used to fish steelhead on the salmon river.

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing may not be new to anglers but it’s still in trend and as much popular as it ever was. Its craze amidst anglers mostly beginners is incredible as they perform the technique with great interest.

Fly fishing is indisputably fun but not that easy though with lots of precision and method involved. Anglers have to make a fool of the giant fish with a tiny lure and get them trapped in the hook which is not easy. Henceforth fishers must keep a close eye on the fish until the recreational activity is going on.

As the name suggests, fly fishing is an approach of catching fish with a fictitious fly made of synthetic. They are light in weight and designed to mislead the fish for real flies. The monofilament line used in fly fishing is weighted anyhow to enhance the longer casting.

Fly fishing can be done in both freshwater and salt though the former is more prevalent. Adopting the technique, anglers can catch as many fish as trout, salmon, and grayling. In addition, they can catch an array of marine fish such as tarpon, striped bass, bonefish, and snook.

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Final Say

After doing all the research on Cabela’s bighorn fly combo, I’m convinced that it’s the supreme fly combo for both beginners and professionals. It’s best in quality and gives value more than the actual worth. Along with the finesse design, it has strong blanks and guides that never fail in performance. With its fishing rod, anglers can cast upZto 60 feet with the minimum casting distance of 25 ft.