Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit Review

Fly fishing is a popular fishing technique used by anglers all over the world. Anglers use tiny synthetic made fictitious flies trick and trap giant fish on their hook. This fishing technique requires incredible accuracy and consistency.

Anglers can save their money by buying their fly rod in a combination package. These “fly fishing combos” or “fly fishing outfits” include rod, fly reel, fly line, backing, rod tube, and others. Getting the right fly outfit is essential for a comfortable and effective fishing experience.

Earlier, most fly fishing outfits were of sub standard quality. Most anglers hesitated from investing in a fly fishing combo. But times have changed, and the new age fly fishing combos contain a quality rod, reel line, and other essential gears for fly fishing. Anglers can now choose from an excellent selection of fly fishing outfits.

Moreover, these fly fishing outfits are ideal for both saltwater or freshwater. Anglers can catch salmon, trout, and grayling using these fly fishing outfits. Besides that, you can also catch marine fish like striped bass, tarpon, bonefish, and snook. There are hundreds of fly fishing outfits and combos available for anglers to choose.

However, Cabela’s Prestige Collection Fly Outfit is one of the finest fly outfits in the market. This fishing outfit is gear tested and proven for greatness. It is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Read further for Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit review in detail.

Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit

Cabela’s Prestige Fly Collection Outfit is a great fly fishing combo from the reputed name of Cabela. This fly outfit comes with weight forward backing, and fly line while the leader comes pre-spooled. It includes all kinds of fly-fishing gear that you require while fly fishing.

The Prestige Fly-Fishing combo comes with a smooth-loading, high-modulus graphite rod that makes your fishing experience better. The rod has a moderate action and is ideal for those anglers learning the art of effective fly casting. It also has a Cabela’s large-arbor Prestige Reel with a powerful disc drag.

Moreover, there are large-arbor aluminum reels that come with a smooth, powerful disc drag. You can find the double-foot snake guides so that you can cast your flies with ease. The drag slows large, hard-fighting fish. You can also find the aluminum and graphite reel seat along with a genuine cork handle for comfortable casting.

Furthermore, the Prestige Fly Outfit from Cabela has an enhanced performance due to the matched rod and reel, tools, lines, flies, and gear holders. It is user-friendly and intended for freshwater only. Overall, the Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit is one of the best fishing combos for fly anglers.

Cabela’s Prestige Collection Fly Outfit includes:

  • Moderate-fast action Prestige Graphite Fly Rod
  • Quality WF fly line and backing
  • Large-arbor, aluminum Prestige Reel
  • Fly floatant
  • 12-piece trout fly assortment
  • Two retractors
  • Leader straightener
  • Fly box
  • Forceps
  • Split shot
  • Chest pack
  • Rod and reel case
  • Two tapered leaders
  • Nippers


  • Smooth-loading High-modulus Prestige Graphite Fly Rod
  • Large-arbor Prestige Reel with powerful disc drag
  • Pre-spooled Leader and fly line
  • Weight forward backing and moderate action rod
  • GI graphite technology standards
  • A smooth, powerful disc drag
  • Includes rod and reel, tools, line, flies, and gear holders
  • Aluminum and graphite reel seat along
  • Double-foot snake guides and large-arbor aluminum reels
  • A genuine cork handle for comfortable casting


  • Some users complained about defective pieces
  • Intended for use in freshwater only

Why To Choose Cabela’s Prestige Collection Fly Outfit?

Cabela is a reputed name in the fishing industry with more than 57 years of excellence in manufacturing a wide range of products. The consistent quality and excellence is evident in Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit as well. It comes with all the fly fishing essentials including rod and reel, tools, line, flies, gear holders, and others.

Moreover, Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit stands apart in a crowded list of fly fishing outfits. The highlight of the fly outfit is the smooth and high modulus It’s a fishing rod that serves well for both veteran and beginner anglers. Overall, Cabela promises and delivers incredible features and performance in all its products.

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The Final Say

Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit is an outstanding fly fishing outfit available in the market. The high-end fishing outfit has a smooth-loading, high-modulus graphite rod for a better fishing experience. It comes with a moderate action and GI graphite technology induced rod that is ideal for beginners who are new to fly fishing.

Moreover, it has double-foot snake guides, and comfortable aluminum handles that allow anglers to cast their lures effectively. It also has a large-arbor smooth, powerful disc drag. Overall, the Cabela’s Prestige Fly Outfit provides a good value for money. I hope this Cabela’s Prestige Collection Fly Outfit review will help you in deciding the best fishing outfit for your fishing adventure.

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