Fish Cleaning Table Review: 4 Best Fillet Stations for Cleaning Fish

Few things, if any at all, can beat the taste and texture of freshly-cleaned and cooked fish. However, behind this culinary treat lies a lot of messy work. With that in mind, you’ll want the best fish cleaning table at your side to help streamline the fileting process and help you prepare your fish dinner even faster!

Best Fish Cleaning Table Reviewed In This Guide

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Fish Cleaning Table Reviews

GCI Outdoor Cooking and Fish Cleaning Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station + Fish Cleaning Table

Special Features

  • Multiple lower storage compartments and extended countertop
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel and aluminum construction
  • Fully foldable

Pros: All-in-one fish cleaning and cooking table, very sturdy design, foldable, and easy to set up

Cons: A bit big which restricts its use to larger boats or coast fish cleaning, pricey

The GCI Outdoor Fish Cleaning Station is a very sturdy yet very convenient piece of kit that not only serves as a fish cleaning table but also comes with a sink and several countertops. If you’ve ever wanted to clean and cook super fresh fish, this fish cleaning station will be your best friend.

This fish cleaning table comes with multiple lower storage compartments for all your cooking and filleting equipment. A sturdy and snazzy-looking extended aluminum countertop gives you all the space you’ll need for the messy job of cleaning a fish. With all the mess you’ll be making with descaling and gutting your catch, you’ll be pleased to know that the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station also comes with a soft-shell sink with a collapsible drain.

As if all these weren’t enough, the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station folds up easily and neatly, allowing users to easily keep and transport it. While this fish cleaning station is rather large and might not be a good fit for smaller boats, it’ll no doubt be a great traveling and cleaning companion.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for a complete outdoor companion, and want to clean and cook your fish in style, the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station is definitely worth looking into.

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Magma Combination Bait and Fillet Table

MAGMA Products, T10-312B Combination Bait/Filet Fish Cleaning Table

Special Features

  • Comes with an easy snap rod holder, allowing it to be used on most boats
  • Grooved sides and slotted back for easy drainage
  • Made of sturdy high-density polyethylene

Pros: Fits on virtually every boat, polyethylene construction makes this fish cleaning table sturdier and more sanitary than wood, and comes with an engraved ruler for easy measurement

Cons: Mount hardware may not be compatible with all boats

This stylish, sturdy fish cleaning table by Magma may be made of plastic, but it definitely looks, feels, and performs like a premium product.

The Magma Combination Bait and Fillet Table’s main draw is its included rod holder, which allows it to snap snugly to virtually every boat there is. Once this fish cleaning table has been secured, it’s just a matter of carefully positioning its grooved sides and slotted back to prevent fish guts from sloshing all over your deck. For those who prefer to take a more methodical approach to cleaning their catch, this fish cleaning station also comes with an engraved ruler for precision cuts.

Bottomline: If you’d prefer to clean your catch straight out of the water, the Magma Combination Bait/Filet Mate Table offers high-quality performance that you can always rely on.

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Deep Blue MS-1 Bait Filet Table Top Board

Deep Blue MS-1 Bait/Filet Board 22x12 Table Top Fish Cleaning Table

Special Features

  • Interchangeable rod holder mount
  • Corrosion-free swivel mount
  • Sturdy construction

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Does not come with its own mount or tools

Sometimes you don’t need fancy tools – sometimes, you just need an affordable, sturdy fish cleaning table, and for those times, you’ll want a Deep Blue MS-1 Bait/Fillet Board.

This fish cleaning board is compatible with most boats out there and can be mounted directly on a rod holder slot via a corrosion-free swivel mount part. Once it’s mounted, this fishing table will quickly prove its sturdy construction, which will allow you to cut, gut, fillet, and clean your catch with ease.

However, note that this product does not come with its own mounting hardware. You’ll need to buy that part separately.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Magma Combination Fish Cleaning Table, the Deep Blue MS-1 Bait/Fillet Board provides a solid choice.

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Taco Marine P01-2132W Adjustable Poly Fillet Table

Taco Marine P01-2132W Adjustable Poly Filet Table - 32"

Special Features

  • Drainage openings for easy cleanup
  • Anodized aluminum mount that fits into any standard gunnel rod holder
  • Thick, dense polyethylene construction

Pros: Very strong swivel joint that can even hold up heavier objects

Cons: Tends to tilt towards its heavier side, doesn’t come with a rod holder itself

The Taco Marine P01-2132W Adjustable Poly Fillet Table is another fine fish cleaning table that’s both robust enough to withstand great weight while keeping your fish cleaning quick and easy.

This fish cleaning table utilizes a thick and dense polyethylene construction to withstand even strong impacts. The Taco Marine P01-2132W Adjustable Poly Fillet Table also features a very strong swivel joint, with customers reporting that it can even support a small tank and grill – perfect for preparing your freshly-cleaned fish.

However, this fish cleaning station does have some downsides. While its central swivel joint provides great holding power, it also lends this table a tendency to tilt towards its heavier side. Apart from this, this fish cleaning table doesn’t actually come with a rod holder, instead of utilizing an aluminum mount that slides into rod holder slots.

Bottomline: The Taco Marine P01-2132W Adjustable Poly Fillet Table is a dependable fish cleaning table that can take a great amount of weight – much more than its frame would suggest.

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Fish Cleaning Table Buyer’s Guide

Old Cedar Outfitters Lightweight Folding Fillet Table with Locking Legs, Drain Assembly and Faucet, FT-001, White,Basic

There are only two main considerations when buying a fish cleaning table.

Construction Materials

The first, and perhaps most important thing to consider when buying a fish cleaning table is the material. While wood both looks and feels great, you shouldn’t get a wood fish cleaning station. Cleaning a fish is messy work, and you don’t want any guts or fluid to seep into your table, where you’ll never get the smell out.

Instead, you should look for fish filleting tables made of sturdy plastic, such as polyethylene. This material is usually even sturdier than wood (though it may not look the part) and is easier to clean. While you’re at it, look for fish cleaning tables with drainage holes – this will keep fish blood off the table, minimizing the stink and lowering the risk of accidents. Metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum, are also a good choice.


Second is the table’s steadiness. Having a tough polyethylene table is good, but what you really want is a table that’ll hold firm even as you thoroughly clean your fish. A wobbly table makes for sloppy work at best, and injuries and accidents at worst.

If you can’t get a four-leg table, look for a fish cleaning station that can be securely mounted onto one of your rod holders. This will allow you to not only clean fish on the go, but also reduce the amount of space you’ll need for your cleaning operations. Whenever possible, test the fish cleaning table personally to ensure that it snaps firmly to your rod holders.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s a list of some of the best fish cleaning stations you can get on the market today.

FAQs about Fish Cleaning Table 

Should I bring ice when cleaning a fish?

Unless you’re an old hand at cleaning fish or plan to cook your catch immediately, you should bring a bucket of ice. After you’ve bled the fish, be sure to store it in your ice bucket to keep it fresh and (mostly) clean.

Should I use gloves or other materials when cleaning a fish?

Whenever possible, yes. It also pays to use a cover for your fish cleaning table – old papers or newspapers work perfectly for this task.

How many legs should a fish filleting table have?

For smaller fish, you can get away with using a table with two legs, or even a rod holder mounted fish cleaning table. However, you should definitely bring a four-legged table if you’re planning on catching and cleaning bigger fish.

How tall should a fish cleaning station be?

A fish cleaning station should be just as tall as the counters you use at home. On average, these counters are around 36 inches in height, but always use your own house’s designs if you’ve made any modifications!

Do fish cleaning tables come with accessories?

Most of the time, they do not. Check each product’s individual page and look for more details regarding each package – some come with rod holders and mounts, while others only advertise that they are compatible with said mounts.

Should I wipe down my fish fillet table after using it?

Yes, you should always rinse and wipe down your fish cleaning table. The wet, bloody environment left behind from cleaning a fish is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms, so always be sure to clean your workspace after filleting your catch!

Fillet those Fish!

Fish cleaning is a messy task to be sure. But with the best fish cleaning table on your deck, hopefully, you’ll be able to work faster and more efficiently. And while it does take time to master the art of filleting a fish, nothing quite beats the taste of freshly cleaned and grilled fish!