How To Hook a Minnow?


Minnow is an excellent lure for wide ranges of catches. Fish species like crappie, bluegill, bass, brown trout, sunfish, pike, walleye, and many more are conveniently attracted to the baits made with Minnow. That is why the fish is used widely as bait by most anglers. They know that with a Minnow on their lures, they can do some real catching. As Minnow is famous as the best bait, lots of people have queries about Minnow-aided casting.

Well, one of the most frequently asked ones is “How to Hook a Minnow.” It is an obvious question of all the anglers, more especially of the novice anglers. They want to start angling, but they do not know how to Hook a Minnow. Do not worry; we will guide you to hook a minnow to have a fruitful angling experience. You just keep one thought in mind that you are definite to get your catch if you hook a minnow in the right way. Let’s find out how you can do that.

Ways to Hook a Live Minnow

Ways to Hook a Live Minnow

Angling is done with both live and dead minnows. Yet the effective way is fishing with live minnows rather than dead ones. If a lure is alive, then more catches will be attracted to it and vice versa. Therefore, go for the live minnows over dead ones.

Above all, remember that you have to hook a live minnow so that the minnow can live long enough to attract targeted fish. If the lure is dead, then the fish may not be interested; hence, you have to pull back without any catch.

Basically, there are three simple and most popular ways of hooking a live minnow. Hook on Lip, Hook on Back and Hook on Tail are the ways to tie a breathing Minnow.

Hook on Lip

Among various ways to hook a minnow, the hook on the lip is the simplest one. In this method, the pin goes through the lip and upper part of the lip. If you hook a minnow this way, the lure will swim more freely, and that way, it will attract a catch. If you are using a minnow for multiple casts, then this process is proper for you. However, the minnow will not remain alive for long if hooked on the lip. The minnow cannot draw sufficient water to its gills and will die soon later. Hence, it is not a great plan if you want the minnow to be alive for long.

Hook on Back

Hook on Back is another way of hooking a minnow as a cast. People call this method Dorsal Hook also. In this process, the hook is pierced through the back of a Minnow right next to the dorsal fin. This Hook on Back option is popular among those anglers who want to see a minnow alive longer than usual. Moreover, the minnow also gets to swim around as usual. As of that, this method is sure to get you more catches than others.

Hook on Tail

A minnow can be hooked on its tail and still be cast for a catch. This, hook on the rear, not the popular way of hooking a minnow. But it still has some advantages over others. If you use this method, the minnow tends to live more if appropriately attached. It is an accurate method if you are doing deep or ice fishing. The minnow will swim nicely as nothing will be pulling from upwards. Do not forget to use a weighted sinker to get the minnow to go deeper enough around the catches.

Tips for angling with Minnows

Tips for angling with Minnows

Target The Deeper Areas

The minnow-aided casting is more effective when you target the deeper areas. As your lure goes deep enough in the water, the water is still, and there live most of the big catches. So go for the deeper areas while fishing with a minnow.

Add Slight Weight to the Line

Without a weighted line, the lure will not go places. As you know, the minnows are small in size. If you aim for the deeper areas without adding slight weight to the line, the minnows will not reach the big catches zone.

Be careful while hooking a Minnow

It is the most important tip of all to be careful while hooking one. While you hook a minnow, make sure the minnow is slightly affected by the hook. If the pin is placed through the wrong part, the minnow might die eventually. So, be aware of that.

Choose a Minnow as per your Catch

As there are several species of minnow, you might get confused selecting one. Suckers, fatheads, shiners, chubs, tullibee are some of the popular minnows. Your catch may be attracted one minnow and not to others. That is why you should choose a minnow as per your target.

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At Last

As you have read enough about How to hook a minnow and several tips for angling with minnows, we are sure you have had a worthwhile read. Angling is an exciting thing to do, and it is even exciting if your lure is hooking a catch. Minnow-aided angling is an easy yet effective option. Hooking is relatively easy, and so is finding a minnow. That is why you will have a hassle-free angling experience.