How to Put Fishing Line on a Reel


How to Put Fishing Line on a Reel: Fishing is an art. Arranging the fishing gears and using them is a true challenge. Loading a fishing line on a reel before fishing is an important task. This task cannot go wrong or else, it won’t take long to spoil your whole experience.

If the line is not loaded correctly, the line will twist and turn to make a messy nest during the time of casting. There are several people who ask at the shops to fix the fishing line on the reel while they buy the fishing line.

In fact, you are passionate and you cannot put your line on the reel. Does this sound good? Well, it feels good if you can load your fishing line perfectly on the reel by yourself. So now, you should not rely upon some other person or the shops to do that.

Here we provide you with the easiest way to load your line onto your reel. Have a look at how to put line on a reel in these easy steps.

Step 1: Look for the line capacity on the spool. You should spool according to the line capacity. Trying to load the line greater than the capacity, the fishing line will be difficult to manage while you are casting it. It will also affect the casting distance.

Step 2: It is time to run your first line on the rod. For that, open the bail. Tie a regular overhand knot at the end of your line.

Step 3: Wrap your line around the spool. Now, you will be tying the second overhand knot. While doing so, you should be careful. Make sure that your second knot is inside the first knot that you tied.

Step 3: Tighten the line on the reel by sliding the knots. Now, you have tied your fishing line on the spool.

Step 4: Set your spool down on a plain surface. Likewise, get your line ready to be rolled around the spool smoothly. Now, flip your bail. Thereafter, hold the fishing hand applying a little bit of pressure at a distance. With the other hand, start winding the fishing line on your reel like when you are fishing.

Step 5: Make sure the fishing line is reeling tightly as you wind it into the reel. Thereupon, loose fishing lines will make tangles while casting.

Step 6: See, you now have a reel ready, filled with the fishing line. Afterward, stop reeling the line until there is about 1/8 inch line left.

Step 7: Now, clip the line. Make sure that 12 inches (appx.) line hangs from the tip of the rod. Now, you have a reel loaded perfectly with the fishing line.