Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line

If there is one thing that associates every angler far and near the world then it’s the fishing gear in particular braided line. It’s the classic and must-to-be gear in every angler’s fishing kit having been used since the olden days.

As the modern braided fishing line takes over the market these days, one product to shine is Kastking superpower braided fishing line. It’s a user-oriented high-quality fishing line made up of woven fabric which is air permeability and heat insulation. The fishing line is adaptable, resilient, and suitable in both freshwater and saltwater lakes and streams.

Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line


Features of Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line

  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Low memory to minimize casting distance and prevent wind knots
  • Strong knot connection that enables to tie easily and restrains slip
  • High sensitivity and zero stretch for improved hook setting
  • Relatively small diameter to allow fishers
  • Well designed and multi colored, coated with epoxy which resists moisture

Catched Fish using Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line


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The Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line has become an evolutionary product in the world of fishing. From the time it was introduced, the product has served both pro anglers and amateur to no end.

It has simply won over the anglers with its long lasting and tangle resistant fishing line. As far as durability and high performance is concerned, people can rely on Kastking Superpower Braided on any day.

Strong and smooth braided line

As a leading power brand in fishing, Kastking has lived up to the quality of braided fishing line. It mainly uses woven fabric that is stiff, stretchy and resistance to abrasion. Its high modulus polythene braid has high yield strength and is self-lubricating.

Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line Features

Small Diameter

Compared to most braided fishing lines from various brands, Kastking has a small diameter fishing line. It is designed in such a way to spool as many strings as possible in the fishing reel. The small diameter lines very much make it easy to cast long distances.

Strong and Smooth Braided Line

Even leaving aside the diameter, the Kastking Superpower Braided Fishing Line is relatively stronger than any monofilament fishing line. The cord is super flexible, long-lasting and has subtle soft sheen paint.

Superior tensile strength

The braided fishing line has an incredible tensile strength of material which can resist the force without ripping apart. It’s ductile and performs great even at stress. Usually, the Kastking fishing line consists of 4 high strength strands. But if you want smooth power, you can get the fishing line with 8 strands which possess 65lb to 150 lb tensile strength.

Greater abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of the fishing line varies with the differing brand product. In case of Kastking, the fishing line is strong and reliable as it withstands the wearing and prevents fish from coming off.

Colorfastness for consistent fade resistance

The Kastking superpower braided fishing comes in different color options. You can choose the fishing line of any color from gray to blue, yellow, and pink. The color of these fishing lines won’t come off easily, lasting for years.


Virtually no stretch

One of the best advantages of having a Kastking fishing line is that it has no stretch. Unlike monofilament, the fishing line doesn’t stretch much but can go deep into the water. This enables the anglers to connect with the bait and know when the fish has hooked.

Super Power Braided Line



Poor casting

The Kastking Superpower Braid Fishing is believed to perform poor when it comes to casting. Few users have criticized the product for not flipping well and being openly retrieved. They believe that not every fishing line from the brand is best suited to catch catfish preferring over heavy one.

Color bleeds

Not that it is a disadvantage but the color bleeding surely bothers angler when it sticks to the hand. Though not entirely but the color of the Kasting Superpower Braided fishing line smears as you attempt to roll the reel. Most of the buyers of the braided fishing line have experienced the straining of dye as soon as they spool it.

Thick diameter

Although Kasting Superpower braided had assured that the diameter of their fishing line is small, it is still thicker than the Power Pro braided line. Meanwhile, it isn’t as smooth as nanofil and neither has wind ties which makes angling difficult at times.


Kastking Superpower Braided fishing line is by far one of the most authentic and popular fishing lines. The success behind the product is indeed its quality and reliability which is impossible to beat for the price it comes.

The brand has found itself a strong place in the market, placing a reasonable price that everyone can afford. Kastking fishing line is not just good but better than most expensive brands with a smooth braided line.

It’s very easy to tie the knot in one of Kastking’s braided lines and equally relaxing to spool the cord. No matter how loose the bait has been fastened, the fishing line always gives a good grip allowing not to let go of the fish.

With the braided fishing line, you get a smooth casting that works in either freshwater or saltwater lake. Since it’s tough and lasts long, the product has great value. For the tensile strength, you have many options ranging from 65 to 150 lbs.

All in all, the Kasting Superpower Braided Fishing line is more accommodating with better resistance to abrasion. The braided lines are woven and with high-strength PE fibers and improved knot strength.

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